Friday, January 14, 2011

Our first kiss (Anniversary post, part 1)

This weekend marks our first anniversary so I could write about our wedding or our honeymoon but I did that, just last year, here and here and everything I said then still applies. Instead, I am going to write three posts (dare I call it a three part series?) about our first things. =)

I had been planning to have dinner in Eau Claire with three nursing school - life long - friends, their respective husbands and one (miracle) baby. My good friend, Laura, was in WI, visiting/home from Okinawa and we found a night that worked well for all of us to meet, which was no small task.

Chris and I had been a few weeks weeks and the debate in my head went something like this: "On one hand we have only been dating a little while and I'm still not sure what is right/acceptable/reasonable to ask for at this stage in the game. On the other hand, I think this may get serious and this is a convenient, and possibly the only, time for him to meet these friends. It would be nice for these girls to have a face/personality to put with him."
I talked it over with Chris and he said he would love to come. (If there were bonus points, this would totally have earned him some.) And so one afternoon, after I had worked a day shift, we drove over to Eau Claire. I don't really remember what we talked about during dinner --- probably about life in Okinawa, Kristi and Jeremy's recent wedding, and little Isaac (i.e. the miracle baby). I'm sure it was great to see them, but, honestly, I don't remember much about that dinner.

On the way home, I remember laying my head on his shoulder and holding his hand while he drove. We went to Chris' house first, because I drove, and I went in for a little bit even though it was late and I had to work the next day. Later I would label that summer of 2008 "the summer I fell in love with Christopher Brenna (and didn't get enough sleep but that didn't matter at all because I was all twitterpaited.)" And as we said goodnight, we stalled by the front door - think the stalling scene from "Hitch" - although I like to think the stalling was mutual - Chris asked if he could kiss me. I said yes, and he did. I had been nervous for our first kiss - it was my first kiss - but it was wonderful. (hey, that's all I'm going to say: his mom and sister read this after all.)

I went home and my roommate asked me about the night. I gushed and was tongue tied about Chris as I attempted to verbalize how I felt ... or something like that. She paused when I was done and asked "How are your dear friends that you haven't seen in ages?" And I sheepishly lowered my head slightly and said "Oh yeah, they are good too ... "

And a few pics because now I'm nostalgic:
Christopher and I that evening, convenient, huh?

Kristi and Laura, Okinawa Trip 2006

Before Kristi and Jeremy's wedding
I love you girls! But, obviously, I also have a soft spot for Christopher Brenna.

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Gina Marie said...

This post made me cry! I miss you both so much. I just shared at lunch with some other women that my highlight for 2010 was seeing my brother get married to a woman who was the answer to my prayers for him! I love seeing how you bring out the best in each other. Happy anniversary!!