Friday, January 7, 2011

some good ole R&R

I have had a few days off and have checked a few things off my to-do list.

I love LOVE re-using something and turning it into something that we need.
yes, I know he is that cutest thing you have ever seen.
And I love LOVE beginning to knit and not really knowing how it will turn out and being happy with the end result.
The pompoms drove me crazy (and the way I propped up the hat -
with soup cans - makes it look kinda weird, huh?)
And I also like the fact that our Christmas cards are ready to go out and I don't even feel bad that it is after Christmas - that is what happens when you get them two days before Christmas after all. The great thing about Christmas cards is that people will be happy to get them whenever they get them.

Of course, we have feasted, with Christopher making wonderful, healthy meals. 
If I could only eat one thing for the rest of my life, it would be that
chicken couscous. It is that good. 

We saw True Grit in the theater and we both enjoyed it. It made me want to watch some old John Wayne movies with my dad. I took Loki for one beautiful walk with snow softly falling. We had a great big breakfast with did not make anything that resembled a fruit or veggie. I stayed up reading way to late and totally slept in the next day. I played with some Christmas gifts and wore new pajamas, clothes and jewelry. (Last year it was my goal to not buy myself anything to wear and because of that I am completely in love with my Christmas gifts.) I registered for a crafting retreat that I will go on with some girl friends in March. My body has P90x good aches and we get to do StretchX tomorrow. I have been reading my Bible with Loki sleeping on my lap and have journaled with a steaming cup of tea nearby. 

It has been a relaxing, restful and rejuvenating few days. 

And now my laundry is done and I'm going to fold it while watching 24 on Netflix and then begin playing with some chocolate and blue (organic) yarn that I picked up yesterday. 

Happy weekend friends! 


Anne said...

Your hat looks AWESOME!!! So excited to see your etsy site :)

Life With the Lopez Family said...

Your day sounds so relaxing. I am always impressed with your projects. I just saw Jaden's hats the other day:) Keep up the good work with
P90X. :)

Rachel said...

Thanks ladies! Ann (Lopez), I'm going to make your little girl the perfect little hat - just waiting for the yarn to go on sale. =)