Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Up North

We've been up north the last two weekends and it was wonderful - although the general state of our house has suffered, I consider that a good pay off. 

We went up with my whole family and enjoyed the time together. 

Scott took this picture and I love it.
Then we went up this past with friends. We are so thankful to be able to use the cottage like this and to bless our friends in this way. 

Seeing friends playing cards around the table that my grandpa made and sitting on the beach that holds so many memories for me makes my heart happy. 

Two babies joined our group this year. Props to their parents who showed us that doing cloth diapers up north is no big deal and that traveling with a 6 week old is do-able.

Lunch, babies and a dog on the beach. Perfect.
If we weren't already in love with this little guy, this weekend sealed the deal.

our friend, Kate, took most of these pictures.
Loki enjoyed being off his leash for several days and running around in the woods. 
 And once everyone left, he did a lot of this:
Christopher and I stayed an extra day and enjoyed the quiet of a weekday on the lake. We kayaked back to the dam, played cards and ate ice cream on the beach. 

It was all pretty wonderful.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A little bit of this and a little bit of that

A quick update on life ...

Umm ... Life =) We've been sticking close to home the last few weeks mainly to get some work done. Christopher has been working on his learning goals and curriculum for the fall and so far he thinks he will like teaching even though he technically hasn't taught yet. Details, details ... He's also been working at a farm once a week with our friend to earn our weekly CSA box. They come home dirty but satisfied every day and they both really seem to enjoy the farm work. He's also been making some yummy meals this week and keeping the kitchen clean. =) I've mainly been working and trying to keep up with the household things. I think I have "summer fever" as the result of not taking any summer vacation while saving up for maternity leave. We'll be up north the next two weekends and I think that will help. I keep reminding myself that it will be worth it when I'm actually getting paid in the fall.

Eggplant Parmesan. I tell ya, my man is amazing!

Garden Adventures and Mis-adventures  I've been telling our garden that I'd like it to stop growing quite so tall and actually produce some fruit. The summer here has actually been quite cool and I think that's affected our tomatoes and peppers. We do have some of each but they aren't ripe and there are not a lot. There have been clear winners (the cucumbers, beans and herbs) and clear losers (the dill and carrots). I dug up a carrot out of curiosity and it was about the size of a needle ... no lie. I find the trial and error part pretty fun though and will continue to hope for more warm weather.

Baby B. We had another ultrasound today and baby looks great. The heart arrhythmia is gone and baby had a nice regular rhythm. Perhaps baby just grew out of it or maybe it's because I haven't had A DROP of caffeine in about a month. The doctor still says nothing until baby is born and while it hasn't been a huge deal, it does make the 3am - 4am part of my night shifts difficult. Baby is super active and all the measurements check out right where they should be. We are going to birthing classes, organizing the baby's room and have decided upon names. By all accounts, we are ready for baby to join us outside of the womb, in about two months that is.

The cradle my grandpa made me.

We've decided to cloth diaper and I've been doing research and working on acquiring said diapers. I wont say much about them now since we haven't used them yet but I'm excited to use a couple of different kinds (I think one system would be boring) and seeing what works well for us.

On a some what related note, some of our friends, who are also pregnant, found out recently that their baby girl has some serious health issues. Our heart breaks for them as we pray for God's will along with His peace and healing. That baby girl is loved and we know that God holds her tightly.