Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Cumin Quinoa and Black Rice

Tonight I made Cumin-Scented Quinoa and Black Rice from Bon Appetite and it was delicious. (in all blog-fairness, the recipe was featured on this blog, which is a pretty awesome blog)

I recommend that you try it. The recipe and the blog.

A few notes about the recipe though:

1. Quinoa does not equal couscous
2. Black rice does not equal white rice
3. Confession #1: I made this recipe the first time with couscous and white rice. It was good but using quinoa and black rice may be instrumental in making cumin- scented quiona and black rice.
4. When the recipe says to rinse the quinoa, it's a good idea to do so.
5. Confession #2: I have never cooked with quinoa and have a hard time pronouncing it correctly (it is tricky!).
6. I made it while Christopher was in the other room studying and it smelled a.mazing. I also was listening to Christmas songs and it was very enjoyable. 


Friday, November 18, 2011

Giving thanks ... for the whole month ...

So, it's a long list, without pictures but FULL of blessings.

Speaking of pictures, I will continue my photography challenge ... soon. Life kinda got in the way and I have no qualms about leaving this tiny corner of the internet quieter so I can spend my free time with my husband, dog and friends while I work some overtime.

#1846 - 1900
- tears shared with friends
- giving thanks as a community, even when it is hard
- accepting change,
- holding firm to God's promises
- praying for friends
- hearing our friend say that my husband is a good listener. i know. =)
- a doctor who listens, summarizes, makes a good diagnosis and gives good/conservative recommendations. (the primary care doctors I have encounters thus far have exceeded the expectations set by Mayo doctors. I think this is either a)because they are not residents b) there is A LOT of competition here - between health care systems and doctors or c) a coincidence. Whatever the case, I am happy to find a good primary that we like.)
- answers
- antibiotics
- coffee with a friend
- a parking ticket because it meant i spent more time than anticipated with my friend.
- my husband, giving the man walking by his coffee when the man asked
- planning/scheming/getting excited for Christopher's surprise party
- lots of firsts at work; gaining confidence as I deal with new situations
- friends having babies and friends who are going to have babies.
- my manager calling me while I was working to see how things were going because I haven't seen her recently.
- getting some feedback at work
- my mom and my mother-in-law helping and planning the details and amazing food for Chris' party
- the way my father-in-law greets me with a huge smile and hug
- friends coming to celebrate my hubby
- realizing that I don't view our Marquette friends as our "new friends" anymore; now they are just friends. =)
- Christopher's look of shock, evidence that we pulled off a good surprise
- Eva, coming all the way from Rochester for the party and one night
- and her accordion rendition of Happy Birthday. LOVE
- Loki and Penny (Eva's tiny little dog) are friends!! If you have ever seen Loki with another dog, you will know why this is noteworthy. Other people are okay. Other dogs, not so much. It made me sooo happy that he was nice to her!
- an extra hour in which to watch Thor
- breakfast with my parents
- organizing the office. Let's be honest: it has never ever really been organized. Now the books are on a brand new huge bookshelf and my craft stuff is organized in the corner. It looks great!
- being on call during my overtime shift
- warm pear cinnamon cider from Trader Joe's. I'm in love and just may have had a cup every day this week.
- birds flying south
- curling up with Loki on a cold day
- apples grown just down the road
- my husband, all handsome in a sweater vest
- being told that I handled a situation at work well
- overtime money that goes into our savings. We are sooooo close to make our saving goal this year but we think we'll be just a little short. (more on the progress of my 2011 goals later)
- co-workers who give me rides to and from work so that Christopher can go to school or study or sleep. And it also makes it possible for us to work out our schedule with one car. I am so grateful for their willingness to give me rides!
 - one really busy night at work. for my co-workers who were working and the pieces that were in place as our first night shift emergency occurred in the hospital.
- knowing that we all worked really hard and having the patient's family acknowledge that as well.
- our patient's loving family
- hearing from every person involved that it went really while and also identifying some areas for improvement
- time to decompress with my co-workers 
- our new night shift nurse practitioner. ohhhh, words can't express
- dinner with friends, both planned and spontaneous
- Christmas shopping on-line. pretty sure it was made just for me.
- quality time with my husband, carefully planned during our busy week and really important
- warm, fuzzy slippers.
- knitting, creating new things that were simply yarn earlier
- Loki's big brown eyes
- my husband's mad cooking skills
- my co-working bringing me coffee =)
- time to spend with my family this weekend
- warm coats, gloves and hats

Monday, November 7, 2011

Photo Challenge: angles and apples

Day 5: Something from a high angle
roasted onion and squash pizza. yum!
 Day 6: Something from a low angle
Turns and Taxis

 Day 7: Fruit
We live in WI and are trying to eat more local food. So now we are eating a LOT of apples.

"You are under the power of Loki!"

I was out walking Loki today when two small boys asked if they could pet him. (Loki is a kid magnet!)

I said yes, that he is nice.

The boys asked his name. Loki.

"Like Thor's brother?" they asked. Yes. (I just watched Thor yesterday)

Just then a UPS truck drove by and the boys started shouting:

 "Come back bus! Bring something for us! Come back bus!"

One of the boys pulled an imaginary sword from his sheath and went running after the truck, yelling "By the power of Loki, I command you to stop!"

The other boy followed, sword also drawn (with a light saber sound effect), "Thor commands you to turn your truck around!"

The truck driver, having another stop, or maybe, responding to their powerful commands, stopped a few houses down. The boys jumped around on the sidewalk.

"You are under the power of Loki!" "Bow to Thor and Loki!"


***Also could be titled "the power of imagination"***

Friday, November 4, 2011

Photo Challenge: clouds and a green{ish} thing

Day 3: Clouds

via here

oh, you mean something that I took: 

since the sky has looked like this for a few days, you get tree and clouds
Day 4: Something Green
I am totally in love with this yarn.