Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Five Minute Friday (on Wednesday): Cherished

I'm linking up again with the Gypsy Mama's Five Minute Friday ... finding some inspiration from my weekend.

Cherished ... 

The name on my place card says Brenna ... the only Brenna in a sea full of Schumanns. Even though my name is no longer the same as there's, I know my place is with them. And even though the one who gave me that name isn't here to dance with, I know my place is with him. 

He sends me six (SIX!) pictures of the dog while I'm gone ... and I look at them all multiple times. When I get home, he barely leaves my lap (in fact, he's sitting with me right now). 

Being cherished can mean different things. It can be family that generously and lovingly helps to make a trip possible. It can be beef stew for dinner and cookies after a day of travel. It can be game night with friends that is comfortable and encouraging. 

In fact, being cherished can also be an act of gratitude; recognizing the acts of service and offering thanksgiving for them. 


seriously happy to spend some time with him!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Project #1: Picture Coasters

This post could also be titled "How to NOT use Mod Podge." 
"How to remove glue (from a hot glue gun) from wood."
My first attempt was unsuccessful. And as these were supposed to be a Christmas gift for my Dad, that was a little frustrating. 
So I picked up another map from a rest stop on the drive home from MN and finished these last week.
And, even though this project was from last year, I am counting it for my 12 projects for 2013.

the front of our coaster
the back of our coaster - Milwaukee

Friday, January 18, 2013

work hard, play hard

In the last six days I worked 60 hours of night shift. (For you non-nursing friends, that means five 12 hour shifts with a day off somewhere in the middle.) Christopher cooked and cleaned as I did my level best simply to take the dog for a short walk each day.

At work though, where I usually just do my job and clock out, I finished up a small project (on how to swab for influenza), did some staff education on another project (about difficult airways) that I've gotten involved in and completed several mandatory on-line modules with names like "Emergent Gastrointestinal Disorders" and "Integument Disorders." Yep ... riveting. In fact, I brought home my notes on "Pediatric Emergencies, Part II" thinking that I would finish it at home. 
Holy over-achiever Batman!

But that is not meant to be. 
Because I'm leaving for Arizona in about an hour to join my family for my cousin's wedding on Saturday. I'm leaving Christopher and Loki and single digit temperatures to spend three days in seventy degree Tempe with a bunch of people that I love. Truth be told, I am the most excited that both my brothers will be there. How is it that we live so far away that we have to fly to AZ to spend a weekend together?!? When did we all grow up?

So, here's to a bunch of work hours that allows me to take a long weekend without PTO and to celebrating with family down South where it is warm. 

Hope you have a nice weekend, whatever it bring you!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Dive

Two posts in one night?!? Linking up over here with the Gypsy Mama.

Dive {Start 0112}

Several years ago we were merely acquaintances with out a clue about how our lives would intertwine. We were both invited to a friend's cabin. It was summer but the night we decided to go swimming, the water was cold.

I dove under the calm/freezing water, not knowing that I was really diving into a relationship that would shape my life.

And afterwards, we sat on the end of the pier, each wrapped up in a towel, looking at the stars. We sat there til we couldn't feel our toes and our breath turned to steam. We sat there long enough to know that we both wanted more.

{Stop 0117}

Happy {almost} three years, baby! 

Goal wrap-up

My 2012 Goals: 
Make bread. Yep, I did this well and will continue to make bread. My favorite recipe is this one for sandwich bread.

Make a quilt. Nope, this didn't happen. Maybe I'll try again this year....

Have one internet free evening a week and one internet free day a month. This worked out great as long as I could remember to do it. Writing "internet free day" on my google calendar wasn't all that helpful since my reminder was on-line. I will continue this during this year with a paper reminder system.

Increase our giving. Check, did this.

Continue our "state of the union" weekly updates. We did this about 50% of the time in some form. It is really important for us.

Research CSAs and hopefully find a good fit for us. Done and done. I LOVED our CSA and we did well at cooking all the veggies. We may look for a farm that has a work share as Christopher is interested in working at a farm in exchange for our boxes. (Hopefully I'll tag along a few days but we think it would be too big of a commitment for me to do the whole thing.)

Finish memorizing Colossians. This did not happen. Will try again this year.

Be more intentional about building relationships. While this is a really vague goal, I think I did what I intended to do. 

2013 Goals: 
Record all credit card purchases. Per my husband's request as sorting out the budget is pretty difficult when the item simply says "Amazon" -- gift? household? misc? 

Plant and tend a vegetable garden. It doesn't have to big or grand ... just a garden.

Finish memorizing Colossians. I will try this one. more. year. 

Complete 12 projects, one each month. Finding and scheduling time to be creative is important and reflects positively on the rest of my life. 

Find a cleaning schedule that works for us. Working random days does not lend itself to consistent ... well, anything. Cleaning usually gets dropped off the list first although I know there is enough time in my week to clean, I just choose to do something else instead. 

Begin using a daily planner. I'm going to try this one first.  This does include a place for a gratitude journal also which will be a nice practice to start up again. 

Read a book a month. Specifically read the Chronicles of Narnia series and a book or two by Wendell Berry (any suggestions about where to start?). 

There you have it.