Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Five Minute Friday (on Wednesday): Cherished

I'm linking up again with the Gypsy Mama's Five Minute Friday ... finding some inspiration from my weekend.

Cherished ... 

The name on my place card says Brenna ... the only Brenna in a sea full of Schumanns. Even though my name is no longer the same as there's, I know my place is with them. And even though the one who gave me that name isn't here to dance with, I know my place is with him. 

He sends me six (SIX!) pictures of the dog while I'm gone ... and I look at them all multiple times. When I get home, he barely leaves my lap (in fact, he's sitting with me right now). 

Being cherished can mean different things. It can be family that generously and lovingly helps to make a trip possible. It can be beef stew for dinner and cookies after a day of travel. It can be game night with friends that is comfortable and encouraging. 

In fact, being cherished can also be an act of gratitude; recognizing the acts of service and offering thanksgiving for them. 


seriously happy to spend some time with him!


Eva Joy said...

When I first read the paragraph about how "he" sends you pictures of the dog and when you get home "he" barely leaves your lap, I didn't pick up on the pronoun switch and I thought you were still talking about Chris. The mental image was pretty funny.

Wait....WERE you still talking about Chris???? ...... :-D

lindsay said...

I wondered the same thing as Eva! :)

Rachel said...

Hahahaha! that's what happens when I don't proof-read late at night. =)

Anonymous said...
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