Friday, January 11, 2013

Goal wrap-up

My 2012 Goals: 
Make bread. Yep, I did this well and will continue to make bread. My favorite recipe is this one for sandwich bread.

Make a quilt. Nope, this didn't happen. Maybe I'll try again this year....

Have one internet free evening a week and one internet free day a month. This worked out great as long as I could remember to do it. Writing "internet free day" on my google calendar wasn't all that helpful since my reminder was on-line. I will continue this during this year with a paper reminder system.

Increase our giving. Check, did this.

Continue our "state of the union" weekly updates. We did this about 50% of the time in some form. It is really important for us.

Research CSAs and hopefully find a good fit for us. Done and done. I LOVED our CSA and we did well at cooking all the veggies. We may look for a farm that has a work share as Christopher is interested in working at a farm in exchange for our boxes. (Hopefully I'll tag along a few days but we think it would be too big of a commitment for me to do the whole thing.)

Finish memorizing Colossians. This did not happen. Will try again this year.

Be more intentional about building relationships. While this is a really vague goal, I think I did what I intended to do. 

2013 Goals: 
Record all credit card purchases. Per my husband's request as sorting out the budget is pretty difficult when the item simply says "Amazon" -- gift? household? misc? 

Plant and tend a vegetable garden. It doesn't have to big or grand ... just a garden.

Finish memorizing Colossians. I will try this one. more. year. 

Complete 12 projects, one each month. Finding and scheduling time to be creative is important and reflects positively on the rest of my life. 

Find a cleaning schedule that works for us. Working random days does not lend itself to consistent ... well, anything. Cleaning usually gets dropped off the list first although I know there is enough time in my week to clean, I just choose to do something else instead. 

Begin using a daily planner. I'm going to try this one first.  This does include a place for a gratitude journal also which will be a nice practice to start up again. 

Read a book a month. Specifically read the Chronicles of Narnia series and a book or two by Wendell Berry (any suggestions about where to start?). 

There you have it. 


Gina Marie said...

What kind of books do you want to read? I have suggestions! :)

lindsay said...

I'm so proud of you for making bread & using all your CSA veggies (I've wanted to do a CSA box for a while too).

One of my goals for 2013 is to budget once I actually have an income, and so far I'm really liking It does all the recording and classifying work for you, but it's easy enough to split entries like Amazon into multiple categories, or make rules for certain types of transactions. I really really like it! I also like the "goals" function on it where you can set savings goals for different things. Anyway it's worth checking out. :)

Love you dear!

Chinwe said...

Ah Wendell Berry! Mmm...LOVE his books. Start with Jayber Crow. It's a commitment, but well worth it. It's a very good starting point because it gives you a great introduction to the community around which many of his books are based. Eva read and loved it as well.

Love and miss you both!

Rachel said...

Gina, I wanted suggestions on where to start reading Wendell Berry (I knew/hoped that either Chinwe or Eva would respond). Anything you are reading that you really like?

Linds, We do use Mint ... and by "we" I basically mean Chris. Since I'm not good at going onto the site to label or separate out the transactions, it is frustrating him to not be able to account for that money. So this is our solution right now. Although it would be easier if I just took care of it in Mint!!