Friday, January 18, 2013

work hard, play hard

In the last six days I worked 60 hours of night shift. (For you non-nursing friends, that means five 12 hour shifts with a day off somewhere in the middle.) Christopher cooked and cleaned as I did my level best simply to take the dog for a short walk each day.

At work though, where I usually just do my job and clock out, I finished up a small project (on how to swab for influenza), did some staff education on another project (about difficult airways) that I've gotten involved in and completed several mandatory on-line modules with names like "Emergent Gastrointestinal Disorders" and "Integument Disorders." Yep ... riveting. In fact, I brought home my notes on "Pediatric Emergencies, Part II" thinking that I would finish it at home. 
Holy over-achiever Batman!

But that is not meant to be. 
Because I'm leaving for Arizona in about an hour to join my family for my cousin's wedding on Saturday. I'm leaving Christopher and Loki and single digit temperatures to spend three days in seventy degree Tempe with a bunch of people that I love. Truth be told, I am the most excited that both my brothers will be there. How is it that we live so far away that we have to fly to AZ to spend a weekend together?!? When did we all grow up?

So, here's to a bunch of work hours that allows me to take a long weekend without PTO and to celebrating with family down South where it is warm. 

Hope you have a nice weekend, whatever it bring you!

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