Wednesday, May 25, 2011

THE birthday surprise

I think it is fair to assume that EVERYONE IN MY LIFE
knew that I was getting a Mac Book Pro =)
and also fair to assume that many of you contributed to the gift.
Thank you. I love it.
Loki helping and me, thrilled with my new gift!

And I like it even more because I know that so many people were a part of giving it.
I think that makes it even better than if it were just from Christopher.
On that note, don't I just have the greatest husband?!!!!!?
A huge thank you to all our generous family and friends -- I certainly feel loved
We had a wonderful weekend in Minnesota. Hung out in Hastings part of the time and spent some time with my family and dear friends. My mom knows how to put on one great party!
My good friend even drove from central WI with her infant all by herself ... a wonderful surprise.
My brother gave me a self healing mat/ruler/rotary cutter -- that may not mean much of anything to you but I am super excited to use it to cut fabric. (I fail to cut straight lines with a scissors.)

Oh, and Babies, did I mention that there were lots of babies? ... four of them in various size, shapes and development.

so fun!

We rounded out the weekend with a game of Ticket to Ride on my in-laws table Sunday evening,
a trip to Kohl's an McDonald's with Christopher's sister
and a Cheap Charlie's breakfast Monday morning.
I think it is incredibly awesome that we had ten friends for breakfast at a local greasy spoon place
on a Monday morning
(does anyone work a "normal" job? umm ... pretty much no)

So now if you'll excuse me (I'll post a gratitude post later in the week) but right now I'm going to drink my tea and organize my itunes library or play some angry birds, let's be honest.

And in case I didn't say it -- Thank you!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

the days of summer

Since graduating from college, summers have been a mix of barbecues, long bike rides, ladder golf of the dock with my brothers and - notably - juggling my ever changing schedule in order to wring out every day of goodness possible, hopefully when it correlates with the people I love. This year, for the first time in eight years (no need to do the math, I'll tell you how old I am in a little bit) I have a taste of summers without school once again.

And I am loving it.

I am loving seeing two movies this week with my hubby - at the cheap seats no less. King's Speech and the Adjustment Bureau, both of which I really enjoyed

I am loving having a leisurely afternoon to go to the library and sign up for a gym and cut Christopher's hair without the time constraints of school work.

Granted, he will study (quite a bit) this summer but for now I will love every minute that we have together.

And I am loving looking forward to this:
Eva's cabin summer 2008 ... aka "where it all began"
and this:
more of these kids? Yes, please!!
and also some of this:
Crooked Lake =)
In other news, we are headed to MN on Friday for a jam packed weekend of visiting and celebrating it up birthday style. I turn 30 at the end of the month and we will party (aka seeing tons of people that we love) in Rochester and in Hastings. Chris has a super (HUGE) secret birthday surprise gift planned for me. I have actually stopped asking him what I think it is - 1) because he says I haven't been anywhere close to getting it right and 2) he says he wants it to be a surprise and so do I. But I am glad that he told me about it ... it has been fun getting all excited for it. And I will patiently wait ... until Friday that it =) If you are part of the acquisition of said gift, let me give you a shout out: Thank you!

Wishing you beautiful days of summer with people that you love.

Monday, May 2, 2011

circling the wagon ...

Cry out, "Save us, God our Savior;

gather us and deliver us from the nations,

that we may give thanks to your holy name,

and glory in your praise.

1 Chronicles 16:35

Giving thanks today ... # 1559 - 1578

* Circling the wagon. It's the last two weeks of school for Christopher and I am working overtime (which is what you do on a tiny unit when a co-worker leaves for another job). So we are circling our wagon, working hard, eating from our pantry and freezer, having low-key dates when we are home together and taking Loki for bike rides and long walks to prepare him for sleeping with me or sitting in the office with Chris.

* mexican food, cheese and guac covered nachos, delivered to the hospital -- for the entire hospital
* kissing my husband when he should be studying. ;)
*an adorable patient who gives out hugs as often as she gives out smiles
* sun beams streaming through the clouds touching the rain drenched ground below
* Loki's contented sigh from my lap. I know the feeling buddy.
* My husband's strong hands working out the kinks in my neck
* finding new music
* a mallard and a ... um ... what do you call a female duck? ... anyway, a pair of ducks wandering aimlessly around the hospital parking lot
* and having a few moments to pause and watch the ducks
* my hair smelling of the wind
* when Loki gets up, out of bed, at 1am to get a toy (his squirrel kong, in case you are wondering) to take back to bed with him
* quick and efficient trips to the grocery store
* a FULL, and fairly busy, unit over the weekend
* prayers from an 8 year old -- we are blessed to be in a multi-generational biblestudy
* making good, strong coffee at 0645 for the day shift
* being wrong about a patient and watching her, surprisingly, begin to improve
* blankets and slippers for a still really cold May
* the soft, beautiful smile on my husband's face as i thank him for a lovely evening