Monday, May 2, 2011

circling the wagon ...

Cry out, "Save us, God our Savior;

gather us and deliver us from the nations,

that we may give thanks to your holy name,

and glory in your praise.

1 Chronicles 16:35

Giving thanks today ... # 1559 - 1578

* Circling the wagon. It's the last two weeks of school for Christopher and I am working overtime (which is what you do on a tiny unit when a co-worker leaves for another job). So we are circling our wagon, working hard, eating from our pantry and freezer, having low-key dates when we are home together and taking Loki for bike rides and long walks to prepare him for sleeping with me or sitting in the office with Chris.

* mexican food, cheese and guac covered nachos, delivered to the hospital -- for the entire hospital
* kissing my husband when he should be studying. ;)
*an adorable patient who gives out hugs as often as she gives out smiles
* sun beams streaming through the clouds touching the rain drenched ground below
* Loki's contented sigh from my lap. I know the feeling buddy.
* My husband's strong hands working out the kinks in my neck
* finding new music
* a mallard and a ... um ... what do you call a female duck? ... anyway, a pair of ducks wandering aimlessly around the hospital parking lot
* and having a few moments to pause and watch the ducks
* my hair smelling of the wind
* when Loki gets up, out of bed, at 1am to get a toy (his squirrel kong, in case you are wondering) to take back to bed with him
* quick and efficient trips to the grocery store
* a FULL, and fairly busy, unit over the weekend
* prayers from an 8 year old -- we are blessed to be in a multi-generational biblestudy
* making good, strong coffee at 0645 for the day shift
* being wrong about a patient and watching her, surprisingly, begin to improve
* blankets and slippers for a still really cold May
* the soft, beautiful smile on my husband's face as i thank him for a lovely evening

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