Tuesday, April 26, 2011

where i should be

Sometimes the best made plans just don't go as they were ... well, planned. This weekend found us deciding at 10pm Friday night that we were going to drive to Rochester the next morning. It was unexpected, somewhat urgent and exactly where we needed to be.

And somewhere in the midst of driving several hours to spend only a few with the people we needed to see, I lost the *funk* that I had been carrying around for awhile. Maybe it was the weather (rain for weeks straight never made anyone really happy) but I really think it was the night shifts. I don't blame much on my night shifts (unless you happen to see me anytime before 2pm after I worked the night before) but there are times when my body simply doesn't adjust as well and it leaves me with little motivation to do anything. So my e-mail was mostly silent, my sewing machine didn't hum and our apartment was not clean at all (so sorry honey!). And while I enjoyed many things and did, in fact, have a meaningful lent, I knew something wasn't exactly right. Maybe it was seeing a few people that I love ... maybe it was Easter ... maybe it was the sun shinning ... but I think I have shaken "it" - whatever "it" was.

There was a sense that although we hadn't planned on our little weekend trip, we were exactly where we should be. Knowing that, instead of stressing about our change of plans, allowed our time there to be a blessing that I wasn't expecting. And tonight as I fold three loads of laundry, plan our meals for the week, and hopefully finish an extended knitting project I know that this, too, is exactly where I should be.

the flowers currently on our table and a snapshot of what Christopher made for dinner last week --- yumm!!
And so, with a grateful heart ... thanking God for oh, so many blessings, here listing #1542 - 1558
- Christ is Risen! Truly He is risen!
- birds scattering across the lawn when I walk across
- hugs from friends
- being where we needed to be
- rejoicing with a friend (Laura, do you read this? That one is for you! hugs!)
- prayer
- finding comfort in God's promises
- hearing my friend's laughter in the midst of her pain. (love you.)
- being welcomed into my in-laws home by the woman who is house/dog sitting - we arrived unannounced and she was gracious in watching Loki and making it clear that we were bothering her at all
- long, reflective walks
- breakfast with my aunt, uncle, cousin and grandma (during which Loki was a model citizen dog)
- looking at pictures of my friend's new baby and her son's birthday party. not going to lie, makes me want to have babies ...
- Loki ... just about everything about him, even when he is squirrel-ly
- planning our meals this week. it is no secret that my hubby mostly does this but his semester is ending in the next two weeks and I look forward to taking care of him in ways that I don't usually get to.
- dinner from the Indian place down the road
- chips and salsa -- reminds me of my dad
- an afternoon spent with my cousin and grandma

Wishing you a wonderful week -- exactly where you are.

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Life With the Lopez Family said...

I have been in a "funk" like that too. It is like you can't explain what is wrong but something is just not right. I am glad you were able to get out of "it." You have so many people around you that love and care about you. It is always so fun to read the things you are thankful for...a great reminder to see the good in the little things. And by the way I can't wait for you to have babies:):)