Sunday, April 17, 2011

5 minute Friday: on distance

I'm catching up, posting a few entries that I wrote at work (shh, don't tell!) last week but didn't post. 

Linking up with Gypsy Mama's Five Minute Friday. The simple rules are to write for five minutes on the prompt.
This week: On Distance.
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Sometimes distance is felt, like when friends are hurting and I hope that the phone calls, e-mails and texts convey my love and long hugs. And the distance allows that the only active help I can give is prayer, a stark, in my face reminder that prayer is the best active help I can give anyway. And the distance teaches thankfulness for prayer, cell phones and friendship.
Sometimes distance seems far, like when I watch two kids who I have just started calling family, grow up and balance nerf gun fights with learning responsibility and learning Shakespeare monologues. And the distance teaches thankfulness of the time spent together.
Sometimes distance is relative like when I finish my hour long walk with the dog, get into the care and drive along that route in 5 minutes flat. And it is a good reminder that while I'd rather be there to give long hugs or sit in the waiting room, we are all connected by a power greater than anything on this earth. So the distance between us, even though is seems far, is bridged easily by our mighty God. 
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