Saturday, April 9, 2011

5 minute Friday: If you met me

Linking up with Gypsy Mama today (err, Friday) ... writing for 5 minutes, unedited on the topic put forth.
Go (2:11am)
If you met me you would ask what I do for a living and I would answer that I am an ICU nurse ... working 12 hour night shifts in a little tiny hospital. You would either a) tell me that someone in your family is a nurse and that you ask them ALL your medical questions, b) wince when I told you about the night shifts and ask how I do it c) announce to the whole room that everyone is "safe" because there is a nurse present or d) all of the above. I'd smile polietly.
If you met me I hope we have more than 5 minutes to talk because if we only had 5 minutes, I'd be pretty quiet and you may not think I am that much fun. I would, however, be trying to remember your name and a fact about you that would make you memorable. I hope we'd have longer so that we can talk about something other than our jobs and where we live. Instead I hope we would talk about our hobbies and our families and that I'd get to ask you to tell me how you met your husband. Trust me, I've met a lot of people recently and most women like to answer that question and it gives me a lot of extra info about their lives.
Stop (2:16am)


The Farmer Files said...

Goodness! I wonder what you might think about where I met my husband! Where did you meet yours?!?!?

Sophia said...

Hey there! I'm stopping by for 5 minute Friday! :-)

You know, that's a great question to keep in mind--I love to find out about people, but totally blank on how to get the conversation started off. I don't know a single woman that wouldn't love to answer that one.

Angela Dively said...

Oh, I absolutely LOVE to hear how people met their spouse. So many varied stories! :)