Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Breakfast at the Brennas

In our stage in life of night shifts and doctoral school, breakfast together is something of a rarity.
But this weekend found us both home, the weather cold and rainy and the school books tossed to the side (err, in the office, actually).
And my husband makes some yummy french toast.
So we had breakfast around lunchtime, watched a few movies and didn't leave the apartment except to take care of the dog.
It was lovely, delicious, and a great way to re-charge batteries flattened by school and work.

Breakfast together is one of my favorite things to do with Christopher. I enjoy lingering in the morning together and the tone that it sets for the day. I hope that when we do have kids, breakfasts together is as much of a family tradition as dinners together.

So what is your favorite meal with your family?


Gina Marie said...

That sounds like my kind of day! When we were kids, if we went out to eat on a Sunday for lunch, we would have popcorn and apple slices for dinner. That might be my favorite dinner. :)

Life With the Lopez Family said...

What a fun and relaxing day you had. I love days that start like that...time to enjoy each other before a busy day or week starts. I also love to have breakfast as a family. Giessi has started to make waffles for us on Saturday mornings which has become a fun tradition.