Monday, November 7, 2011

"You are under the power of Loki!"

I was out walking Loki today when two small boys asked if they could pet him. (Loki is a kid magnet!)

I said yes, that he is nice.

The boys asked his name. Loki.

"Like Thor's brother?" they asked. Yes. (I just watched Thor yesterday)

Just then a UPS truck drove by and the boys started shouting:

 "Come back bus! Bring something for us! Come back bus!"

One of the boys pulled an imaginary sword from his sheath and went running after the truck, yelling "By the power of Loki, I command you to stop!"

The other boy followed, sword also drawn (with a light saber sound effect), "Thor commands you to turn your truck around!"

The truck driver, having another stop, or maybe, responding to their powerful commands, stopped a few houses down. The boys jumped around on the sidewalk.

"You are under the power of Loki!" "Bow to Thor and Loki!"


***Also could be titled "the power of imagination"***

1 comment:

Chris B. said...

hooray for kids with imagination and at least a second-hand knowledge of Norse mythology.