Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Up North

We've been up north the last two weekends and it was wonderful - although the general state of our house has suffered, I consider that a good pay off. 

We went up with my whole family and enjoyed the time together. 

Scott took this picture and I love it.
Then we went up this past with friends. We are so thankful to be able to use the cottage like this and to bless our friends in this way. 

Seeing friends playing cards around the table that my grandpa made and sitting on the beach that holds so many memories for me makes my heart happy. 

Two babies joined our group this year. Props to their parents who showed us that doing cloth diapers up north is no big deal and that traveling with a 6 week old is do-able.

Lunch, babies and a dog on the beach. Perfect.
If we weren't already in love with this little guy, this weekend sealed the deal.

our friend, Kate, took most of these pictures.
Loki enjoyed being off his leash for several days and running around in the woods. 
 And once everyone left, he did a lot of this:
Christopher and I stayed an extra day and enjoyed the quiet of a weekday on the lake. We kayaked back to the dam, played cards and ate ice cream on the beach. 

It was all pretty wonderful.

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