Monday, January 17, 2011

Our first date (Anniversary post, part 2)

Little known fact: Christopher and I had our first kiss before our first "date." Scandalous? um ... no ... really, it is us. let me explain.
We started dating on a pretty normal day. We had talked about starting to date (after a few months of hanging out. all. the. time. Ask any of our friends) and we had prayed about starting to date so when he asked "so, do you want to date?" I said yes. We then went to the dog park, played Rock Band, had dinner with his parents and climbed out his window to look at the stars.
Somewhere along the line, we decided to do something memorable for our first official date. You could argue that the day we actually decided to date was our first date - or you could argue that the first evening we hung out alone and went for a walk along the river was our first date - but we decided that we could determine when our first date was and so we did. It is basically similar to things now, we have dinner together every night but once a week or so we decide to have dinner and call it a date.
We decided to go to this Pizza Farm in WI, this family run operation, only open on Tuesdays and they make pizza with ingredients grown/raised on the farm and cook them in brick ovens outside.
We got rained out the first Tuesday we tried to go but we were undeterred. And so the next week, we "packed" a picnic basket with a small salad and ice cream sandwiches and drove over the river to WI. We got a little lost on our way, going through Whitewater State Park on our way to Stockholm, WI, across the river from Lake City. I wish I could draw a map and show you how far lost we were but I am not that tech-ie. Later on in our relationship we would learn that if he drives and I navigate, we usually get places better/quicker/easier. But it was a beautiful summer evening, our love was budding and we didn't mind the drive.
That did mean that we got to the Pizza Farm a little later than we had planned which was significant because the line was now well past the dirt driveway to the farm. We ordered and was told that it would be a two and a half hour wait. Now normally that would be outrageous but we had just driven about that long and the Pizza Farm had a reputation so we set up our camping chairs on the edge of the farm away from all the people and watched the sheet graze. We named a few -- something very majestic but I can't remember what now. Part of the deal at the Pizza Farm is that you have to bring your own utensils, table, drink, etc. As we ate our ice cream sandwiches (because they were melting and we were hungry), we realized we hadn't brought utensils. Some mis-communication had lead us to believe that the other one was bringing these. In hindsight, it was probably my job as I brought the rest of the food. Later on in our relationship we would learn to be more specific about such things.
So, we left the pizza farm and drove back to a gas station and got some forks and napkins. We used a tupperwear container from the trunk of Chris' car as a table and hoped the little candle Chris had brought would last while we ate. As we waited, a group of people began singing songs from Wicked. The pizza did eventually come, we did have enough light to barely see it and it was really good. And, like I said, it was a beautiful summer evening, our love was budding and we didn't mind the trouble of our first "official" date.

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