Saturday, January 22, 2011

Ever Grateful

I started this post much earlier this week but because I've been working something like 50 hours this week and because blogger is blocked at work, I haven't posted. Overtime pay is pretty good, so don't feel too bad for me, okay?
I have been thinking about making a simple wall hanging with tag board and ribbon and played around with the sayings: "Be Ye Thankful" (too um ... old sounding), "Give Thanks" (too Thanksgiving sounding), "Ever Grateful" (just right). I haven't done it yet, but it is one my list for my craft-y-ness days - coming next in Feb. =) It will replace my dwindling Mexico countdown chain in the hallway. We leave in a week! (Picture, insert happy, excited emotions here)
1222. One year of being a Mrs.
1223. A nice, relaxing weekend in the WI Dells spend sleeping in, playing on water slides, going to a movie, talking, reflecting and shopping. (yes, I said shopping)
1224. Finding fingerless gloves for a nice deal. (my attempt to knit some failed so I altered the original pattern and made normal gloves instead)
1225. yummy yummy food at a great, unique restaurant. Just our style
1226. cinnamon-ized almonds. I was sad when I ate the last one
1227. Loki enjoyed his stay with the "doggie sitter." Chris called to check on him after we got up and they had already gone on a walk and had play time. I'm go glad that Loki has a "friend" in Milwaukee.
1228. Sam's club produce. The goal this week: try to use 1 pound of fresh spinach.
1229. snow. It finally looks like winter

1230. And it didn't snow yesterday so I didn't have to wipe/scrape off the car
1231. phone dates with friends =) LOVE.
1232. seeing friends again after our winter break hiatus
1233. warm, winter pajamas
1234. smoothies in the mornings
1235. goodbye kisses from Christopher when I am still sleeping
1236. learning new knitting stitches from you tube. Turns out, I'm totally a visual learner
1237. more patients at work (being bored at work is such a new phenomenon that I don't know what to do with it)
1238. we have a party to do to on SundayGO PACK!
1239. our car starting each and every day this week - and the driver's side door closing properly - and me making it to the gas station to put 15.8 gallons of gas in our 16 gallon tank (the gas gauge apparently rounds up in winter)
1240. Loki is okay after being bite by another dog =(
1241. the pile of books waiting to be read on a beach in Mexico
1242. Overtime pay
Recently I have heard a lot about choosing your "word of the year" to describe how you want your spiritual life to look for 2011. I hesitate to choose a word to describe my spiritual journey before it happens because I think that I could focus too much on that word and miss something else. I do, however, usually choose a word or two when I look back on a year. For instance, 2010 was security and 2009 was growth.
But this year, as I was thinking about it, I did decide on my "word of the year": Create: to cause to happen; bring about; arrange, as by intention or design. Right now, I think that one of the best things that came from us moving is that I had enough time to realize how much I enjoy making things. Without any yard work (as much as I loved it) and with staying up before night shifts, I have more time to work with my hands. And I love it. Making something out of nothing (well, out of yarn) is pretty darn satisfying. I also find it really fun to tweak a pattern to make something work better the second time around.
So, Christopher's financial aid application was due this week -- if you think of it, would you mind saying a prayer that he/we get some for next year? Thanks!
In case you are wondering, my plans for the weekend (and I use the term loosely since I worked on Friday night and work again on Sunday night) involves staying in my pajamas as long a possible on Saturday, yogaX (which does involve workout clothes but who's counting), hopefully some kind of Asian take out, a movie or two, doggie walks and doggie naps and a football party. And I get to do all of those things with Chris Brenna. Yes, I'm just that lucky.
What are your weekend plans? I hope they are just as grand.

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Life With the Lopez Family said...

I am so excited you get to go to Mexico! Take lots of pictures. Keep me updated on Chris' financial aid situation...I bet that can be stressful! I like reading about the different things you are thankful for:)