Monday, January 17, 2011

Year Old Wedding Cake

Today we took the top of our wedding cake out of our freezer, unwrapped the layers of tin foil and saran wrap and ate some surprisingly yummy (but very slightly freezer burn tasting) cake. It survived a ride in the cooler across Wisconsin and has been taking up precious space in our small freezer ever since we have moved here. It was on one of my old dishes (which I am now not sure what to do with) and even Loki agreed that it was, indeed, yummy. We did decide, however, that the last remaining bottle of wine from our honeymoon - a Rodney Strong Cab - deserves a better reason to be opened (Ahhhem, my handsome chef). 

But a lot more has changed than our physical location and corning wear. 

It is interesting to me that on the anniversary of the second most romantic day of my life (the evening we got engaged is first), my most prevalent thought is "I am so glad we are friends." I think that maybe the wedding frenzy and the honeymoon eclipsed what attracted me to Christopher Brenna in the first place: I really really enjoy spending time with him. 

Yes, I love his heart and I think he is handsome and hilarious and one of the kindest people I know. Yes, I love the part of me that is alive and whole because of him. Yes, I love how he challenges and encourages me. 

But I also love that when we are done with our weekend vacation, I get to go home with him. I love that after my trip to Mexico (in two weeks!!!!!!), I will say goodbye to my friends, get on a plane and fly home to him. I love that I am excited to spend whatever time we get together: dinner before I go to work, breakfast on a lazy morning or playing a week-long game on our kitchen table. 

Yes, I love him ... but I also like him. A lot. 

And while our relationship has survived a move across Wisconsin and a mass exodus of several kitchen items, at the end of the day, I am holding his hand ... usually on the couch with our black peanut between us and I am happy.

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ladydiole said...

Congrats....on your 1st anniversary...may you have many more! (It was a very beautiful/enjoyable wedding/reception...thanks for inviting us!)