Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Looking back and looking ahead

With the flip of the calendar, tradition says we are to take stock of our life, to make resolutions to give our lives the shape we want them to have. It turns out that a few of my resolutions have to do with what I learned throughout last year which makes me happy because I am building on what is already there. And I have decided to call my resolutions goals because I am more motivated by goals than "resolutions." I use this goal tracking website and I find it really encouraging to put little check marks next to things like floss daily. So here are some of my goals:
Buy organic meat and dairy. So we watched Food Inc recently and there should really be a disclaimer that says something like " before watching you should be prepared to make radical changes in the food that you buy." We have already made some changes in the food we buy and I am proud of that.
Open an etsy store. I prepare for my night shifts by staying up late and usually I watch TV and knit and I have knitted more this winter, which is normal for me ... the cold means cozy knit things to me. And so I'm going to make a few baby hats and possibly other things and then take the plunge and see how it goes. I love the creative feeling of making something and I enjoy looking at something and figuring out the pattern. I am, however, pretty hesitant about the sizing of babies heads and things and, truth be told, I think having a baby would make this a lot easier. But our future babies (Lord willing) can't wear more than one baby hat or sweater at a time and so selling seems like a good option. The current running name is "Blooming Brenna Knits" (the blooming having to do with the saying "bloom where you are planted") and I have been brainstorming business plans/ideas with Christopher.
Save. Yesterday, on a normal walk Christopher and I decided to double, yes double, how much money we want to save this year. I'm going to make a little thermometer and we are going to keep track on the wall in the office. (did I mention that I am really motivated by goals?) I will be sooooo proud when we achieve it. $20,000 in 12 months.
Have a potted vegetable (and herb - for Chris) garden. =) So excited. Also along that line but I am too chicken to make them real goals this year because I think it may be too ambitious: make and can our own applesauce and spaghetti sauce.

There are more goals about exercise, reading, journaling and keeping up with the house work of course but I'm done writing for now. 
YAY 2011!
In other news, my new year has been pretty fantastic so far. We had a low key New Year's Eve as I was still recovering from a head cold and we made sushi, watched Inception and skyped with Chris' family. My handsome chef made palak paneer and garlic mushroom pizza the other night and the bowl for the ice cream maker is in the freezer which means can only mean one thing. We took Loki for a really long walk today (Milwaukee is having a mid-winter thaw) and went over to the vet so we could weigh him and he lost 2 pounds. We spent an afternoon at my grandma's with family and watched some of the Rose Bowl

Did I mention that I love my beautiful life? Oh, and goals too? 

Gratitude List # 1186 - 1201. Apparently hiding my list in posts is more fun than making lists. 

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Life With the Lopez Family said...

I am proud of you for being organic. Any suggestions for where you buy it at a lower price? Organic milk is so expensive. I would love to buy organic not only because it is better for us but because of how they treat the animals.