Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Blessed. (#1161 - 1185)

Wrote this on Christmas Eve, one of the few days I wish that I work at an office, bank or store, or in nursing leadership or an outpatient clinic.
I wake up in my warm bed after working the night before and call out to Loki, who runs into the bedroom and jumps onto the bed, into his spot when I am sleeping during the day. I find my husband formatting the laptop that is for me (his mom's old computer). I give him a kiss, take a quick shower and get dressed in fun, Christmas scrubs. We sit down by our little Christmas tree and exchange the gifts we got for each other. Loki helps. Christopher got me the movie, Inception, a subscription to the magazine Prevention and a microwavable coffee mug to take to work that he knew I would like by listening to me say that I want to create no waste at work (i.e. no styrofoam cups). Any gift that I will use several times a week until it breaks is a great gift, in my opinion. In case you are curious, I got him ceramic ramekins, plastic spice jars and a gift certificate to a spice store that he has been wanting to visit. (Yes, all of his gifts encourage him to cook yummy food, which also clearly benefits me.) We open some thoughtful, fun gifts from friends and then we have a yummy dinner with eggnog for dessert. We talk about the next day when Chris will drive and I will sleep the whole way to Minnesota so we can celebrate Christmas with (most of*) our families.
And then a go to work, slightly grumbling about having to go to work at 7pm on Christmas Eve.
As I get report, the house supervisor goes into one of my rooms and starts a new IV for my patient. I have been at work for 16 minutes and he has already solved one of my problems.
I go into another room and my patient asks what I am doing for Christmas and I tell her that I am going home tomorrow, knowing that she will not.
Soon afterwards I enter another room, help out and talk briefly with that patient and I leave thinking that he will most likely not live another year.
I am thankful for some perspective, knowing that working on Christmas eve isn't all that bad. And, as stated above, I did have a fantastic evening. I can choose to see work as the blessing that it is and instead of grumbling, I can choose to be thankful.
After all, today isn't about gifts or yummy food or working or going home. Sometimes, even on Christmas, it is a good to get a reminder that it isn't about me. It seems silly that after reading the gospel accounts of Christ's life this month and preparing my mind and body for his birth, I still need that reminder. To reflect on my Savior, the beautiful story of his birth that highlights prayer and obedience and his life.
Merry Christmas!
* I have added an item to my bucket list: spend a Christmas in Beijing ... but I'll revise that if the Butz family moves somewhere else. Just an FYI for Chris and his family. =)

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Life With the Lopez Family said...

Sounds like you had a great Christmas. It is fun to start traditions and memories with your own family (you, Chris and Loki). Merry Christmas dear friend:)