Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Cards (for Liz .... kind of)

The topic of Christmas card came up during our Thanksgiving visit to MN and Liz, a dear family friend, declared that she just had to have a Christmas card from us. Now I usually dismiss the idea of Christmas cards with pictures and a newsletter and all the do-dads, even though I really enjoy getting cards from our family and friends in the mail. This year, though, it seems practical, seeing as we got married and moved – it will be a good way to send out our new address seeing as the cute “we have moved cards” never made it out of the box. 

Shutterfly has a huge selection of Christmas and holiday cards, making it difficult to choose a favorite. The selection is classy, easy to create and huge. In addition, they have personalized mugs – like the one I just gave my friend for her birthday and easy to make photo books – like the one the holds pictures from our wedding. I also think I will make a yearly photo book for us and have started to design 2010. The thing I like the most about Shutterfly is that it is easy to use and fairly intuitive. 

Also, Shutterfly is offering bloggers 50 free cards – follow this link for directions. Hey, we all know how much I like free things =)

And so, I am going to start a new thing and send out Christmas cards – but I’ve decided if they make it out anytime before the new year, I will be happy with that. So, Liz (and several other people) you’ll be getting nice Christmas card from us – enjoy!