Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Looking a lot like Christmas ...

1148. My Savior
1149. hearing his life put to music, Handel's Messiah with my in-laws
1150. Their trip here also included yummy Indian food and breakfast at our favorite coffee shop. (I love that we are beginning to have places to call "ours")
1151. Eva. There are many reasons for me to be thankful for my friend Eva, not the least of which is how she called AAA and helped me get my keys unlocked from the inside of my car. 
1152. AAA 
1153. Schedules that align and roads that are clear for lunch in the middle
1154. Christmas gifts under our cute, little tree
1155. Celebrating Jesus' birth with new friends who I hope will be good friends. 
1156. Successfully navigating an issue in our relationship with Christopher
1157. Dinner with family in my grandma's farm house, and, how, in a coincidence, our visit coincided with my aunt and uncle's visit with two of their grandkids.
1158 and 1159. So I was served strawberry tea and read Winnie the Pooh books for a few hours
1160. Christmas is coming ...

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Life With the Lopez Family said...

Enjoy Christmas! Your first Christmas as a married woman:):)