Wednesday, December 1, 2010

1097. Pandora, Christmas style
1098. Safe trips to MN and back
1099. And a dog that travels in the car wonderfully
1101. Thanksgiving dinner: an abundance of wonderful food, family and friends
1102. Seeing my oldest friend, her family and her cute baby belly
1103. Playing monopoly ... actually that is a little deceptive ... i should say "playing a game where my little brother doesn't cream me" (okay, well, he just lost first but I'll take that)
1104. Sleeping in my parents' new guest room (aka Johnny's room)
1105. Relaxing time spent at my in-law's.
1106. Envisions of our children running around and enjoying Grandma and Grandpa's house as much as my brothers and I did.
1107. Loki - I have mentioned how much I love him, right?

1108. Realizing that praying for my husband is a gift and I can do it uniquely because I am his wife
1109. Small, simple, daily goals - and the "Yes" after them (I decided a check mark wasn't as motivating)
1110. My father-in-law's waffles on Sunday morning
1111. Friends who stay and play long after the fantastic meal is done
1112. Hugs
1113. The group of people who have welcomed us into their biblestudy recently
1114. Advent readings
1115. Apple cider, especially the second time around, after I realized it needed a little bit of sugar
1116. Afternoons when Chris doesn't have any school work scheduled.
1117. Knowing that home can be two places
1118. Talking with Chris about communication
1119. Long underwear
1120. Heat
1121. Slippers
1122. Christmas trees

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Life With the Lopez Family said...

It was great to see you. It is always fun to catch up!