Thursday, January 13, 2011

A little bit of this and a little bit of that

Randomness suits me just fine. I love random conversations (Anne Frank and vampire fish at work the other night) and random meals (sweet potato fries and rice are a perfectly acceptable meal, I think). And I like that I don't have to use transitional sentences because it is my blog.
There, you are warned.
We just got back from Minnesota where we celebrated Christopher's grandfather's life. He was 99 years old and would have been married to his wife 75 years next month. (Just for fun, if Chris and I were married 75 years, he would be 107 and I would be 103.) I didn't know his grandpa, having visited them twice, but his offspring are welcoming and nice and that does say something. And his little wife lights up at the mention of her family or church even though she can't hear or see well.
Christopher and his dad are the only sons in their family, as was grandpa Brenna and his father (I think). Regardless, if someone is going to "carry on" the Brenna name, it will be our son/s and on Monday I heard three times that there was "no pressure" to have a male child. And no I don't feel any pressure which may be because I think our first child will be a boy - we aren't pregnant and this isn't based on anything except that I simply think it. 
We had a relaxing trip to Rochester, the Brenna home is great for playing games (Christopher held on to his winning streak in Vegas Showdown), reading by the fire (with Cinders who is excited about the new fireplace) and stretching out and watching a movie complete with popcorn being delivered to us in the basement.
I think Loki views the Brenna home like our children will learn someday learn to view their grandparents' house. He gets excited at the exit off of Hwy 52 and the closer we get the more his stubby tail wags as if he knows that good things will come. He gets to sleep on our bed between us - I don't know why that is not okay at home but is okay in Rochester. He chases (plays?) with Cinders through the snow maze in the back yard and he shares ... um, doesn't steal her one ball. He gets a treat when he leaves because "Loki has a long drive." And we have realized that it is easier to leave a toy or two there so we don't have to bring some with us and find them before we leave.
We went to Trader Joe's and I love love love LOVE Trader Joes. And it is sweet shopping with the in-laws especially when they say "groceries are never cheaper than when you shop with us." I am thankful for their generosity and I hope we can reflect some of that generosity onto others. They are also letting us borrow their truck for the semester as Christopher has class from 6pm - 7:30 pm two evenings a week and although we could have made it work with one car, we think it would have been difficult and stressful. I am thankful that they are willing to go down to one car so that we could have two. Again, I am humbled by their generosity.
Christopher and I are going to the Wisconsin Dells tomorrow for our one year anniversary. Yay! School starts next week so the time together to work on our relationship will be even sweeter. And then, in two week, I am going to Mexico with some girl (Rochester) friends. Double Yay!!!
Enjoy your weekend!

Gratitude list #1202 - #1221

P.S. It is okay to have granola and 6 Christmas mint kisses from my not-so-hidden stash for breakfast before going to bed for the night day, right?

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Life With the Lopez Family said...

What nice in-laws:) I am glad you are so blessed by their generosity. 75 years of being married...what a testimony! Jaden would love for your first child to be a boy:)