Monday, February 22, 2010

Honeymoon quotes and pictures

Olema, California

"Today our flight was three hours delayed and then we sat in front of a crying kid the whole flight. Now we are having trouble with the rental car but it doesn't matter, I couldn't be happier." - Chris
(that was the only glitch of the whole trip)

later that evening, while driving the windy-ist road we have ever been on, in the pitch black, through the redwood forest north of San Fransicso:

"wouldn't it be great if I tossed my cookies in the rental car on the first day of our honeymoon?" -Rachel
(I didn't but was fairly car sick)

"make sure you close the gate or the chickens will get in." -the info given to us by the owner of the cottage where we stayed the first night.

"We have learned that, when tasting wine, it is a good idea to dump your glass into the craft even if you like it so that you can drive afterwards." -Chris

Napa, California

(couldn't flip this pic)

- garmin

"There hasn't been a Ghirardelli factory here for forty years." - the woman at the info booth
(all was good though as we had an ice cream sunday)

San Fransisco, CA
"This is California's forth major storm system in four days" -the weatherman
(we saw lots of rain but that was it. one flooded road and we used the umbrella that we packed every day.)



lindsay said...

love it Rachel! Glad you didn't toss your cookies... :)

Life With the Lopez Family said...

You look gorgeous! I love Chris' quote about not being happier:)

Rachel said...

Thanks you ladies!