Thursday, February 25, 2010

walking the dog and reflecting on lent

In our attempt to help Loki (the dog) understand that I am "in charge" and that my words should be obeyed, I have been walking and feeding him and we are trying to be very consistent in how we treat him, hoping to teach him that his position in the household in relation to ours (Cesar Millan would say that we are showing him that we are the leaders of the pack.)

One of my favorite things to do it to walk him - be it on a sunny afternoon or at dusk with snow falling softly around us. It may seem a little unfortunate that we have begun our daily walks in the middle of Minnesota's winter but it does have it's advantages:

- there are less people out (because it is freezing), which means less distraction for Loki

- the snow banks on either side of the sidewalk act as physical buffers and visual blinders

- and I am learning to control my voice when I get frustrated

Last week as we were walking, I watched him, trotting along by my side with the leash dragging in the snow, listening to my voice, and frequently turning his head up and to the right, looking at me. He is learning - that our words need to be obeyed and that his place is at our side.

And it was a good word picture of what I have been thinking about lately: looking for my place in relation to God's greatness.

How do I worship and praise my God, who is eternal and supreme? who commands the seas and the winds? who forms babies and grants me each breath? How do I fear him, giving him the reverence and honor worthy of my God, King and Creator? I don't know ... I want to walk by His side, obediently, frequently turning my head, looking at him. I can't fathom his greatness and if I did contemplate what I can understand, I believe I would live each day in awe of him and that my life would be different.


lindsay said...

love this imagery Rachel!!

Anonymous said...

So you walk him without holding onto the leash! That's impressive! Our cocker, Riley, would be gone like a bolt of light...

Gina Marie said...

We would say here in China, "Jia you!" (jah yo) It literally means "add oil." I'm not suggesting you add oil to your dog. It's what they say to cheer someone on.

Great reflections! I had laugh though when my thoughts continued beyond yours. "If I grasp the greatness of God, will I . . . stop eating earplugs?" Maybe that's where the parallels fall apart. :) Glad to hear that Loki is learning to follow his masters.

Gina Marie said...

I forgot to add - Cesar would be proud!