Tuesday, February 2, 2010

my "top ten" favorite moments of our wedding

134) At the end of the night, one of Chris' friends gave me a big hug and told me that he has never seen Chris so happy.

135) Right before I went down the aisle, our friend Ian: "I am SO excited! You are beautiful."

136) One of my aunts (and I can't remember which one, which is a little disturbing but some of the day is a blur) told me that she had fallen in love with Chris because of the way he looked at me ... especially as I was coming down the aisle.

137) The dance with my dad.

138) Our friends and helpers. We were blessed by the many people who used their gifts to help the day run smoothly. From our family and friends who were our attendants, pastor(s), musicians and ushers, who decorated the hall, helped put together programs and tied the napkins, took pictures and prayed for us and supported us. I believe the day is a good example of Christian community working together and I am blessed by everyone that was involved.

139) Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes.

140) Jill, our friend, my personal attendant, rocked! She has organizational/attention to detail-like gifts and an amazing, calming spirit. And (yes, she is too good to be true) she is great with kids. I will remember playing "I spy" with the little girls before we went into the church.

141) Chris' mom kept calling me "Mrs. Brenna" at the reception - and I guess I am!

142) Our vows.

143) My husband!! =)


famnel said...

Well done, Rachel! A life marked by gratitude is one pleasing to the Lord! I am celebrating with you! Laurie

Chinwe said...




lindsay said...

Um, dear-one-who-used-to-be-my-roomie-but-who-is-finally-finally-married:

Since when have you been blogging??? Wish I had known sooner! Now I have lots of reading to catch up on!

(Seriously! My mom knew before I did!) :)

Love to you and Chris both...

Rachel said...

Laurie, you are the first person to comment on my blog - thank you. =) Thank you, also, for the card and money for the wedding; your note was really nice and touching.

Linds/Rinsay/sweet booty, I didn't really realize that it would create a stir when I posted the link on facebook. And i don't think anyone knew before that - not really on purpose, but because it was just for me at first. love and hugs to you. Loki and Cinders say hi (she is visiting 'cuz Chris' parents are gone)