Monday, February 15, 2010

after a work weekend ...

183. Glistening snow.
184. Slippers
185. Remembering the joy of a hobby (knitting)
186. A "good morning" from a patient who had been non-verbal all night
187. Friends having babies and friends who are going to have babies.
188. warming my feel against my love when I climb into bed in the morning. (i'm not sure HE is thankful for this but it is really nice of him)
189. Wet Task wipes at work. I have this ritual of cleaning my work area and then the surfaces in my patient's room before starting to work. it makes me feel better, working in a germ infested hospital and all.
190. The Lambeau mugs the Michelle gave me. I use them work and they make me happy.
191. Sunrises over the Mayo buildings downtown.
192. the lunches my husband packs me
193. phone messages from my brother -- the only form of communication I think he believes in.
194. not paying for our valentine's evening activities. don't get me wrong, someone did but we did not. (thanks Gina and Erik!)
195. my co-worker reading to me from a funny book on a night shift
196. nice residents
197. the spot bot. We bought this little carpet cleaner with gift cards from the wedding and I used it to clean the stairs last week ... i scrubbed and cleaned the stairs and just for fun, went over the bottom step again, to see if the water was any cleaner and the water was still black (blech - but I guess the comes from not cleaning them at all, except vacuuming the last two years). and i sat at the bottom of the stairs thinking that it would make sense to go over them all again. i did not. it made me feel all "wifey" and the stairs are cleaner than when I started.
198. grapes
199. clean sheets on a freshly made bed


Life With the Lopez Family said...

It is so fun to read your blog. I am sorry that I stole your thankful idea:)

Rachel said...

Hi, I'm glad you like it and it is totally not my idea. I found it here:
her blog is great.

and I like reading what you are thankful for too. hugs to you and your boys!