Wednesday, February 3, 2010

with a grateful heart

144. Looking at pictures and remembering the last few months:

145. Watching Chris cook with his niece and nephew.

146. B family dinners

147. Red gumballs as the holly in the centerpiece during such a dinner

148. The last two dates with my fiance and being proud that we intentionally made time for us during the busy wedding planning.

149. The sight of dozens of shoes of my family members as they all crowded into my house.

150. Friends who come over after church to "just stop by" and stay for hours as we decided to finish watching Battlestar Gallactica.

151. Going back to work after being away for awhile ... looking for the "new normal" after much excitement and change.

152. Finding the "little white box" which contains microscope slides that are important to a little boy across the ocean.

153. Shoveling. it's like playing in the snow for grown-ups

154. Listening to the TRUTH: "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness."

155. Excitement over a coming ski trip with friends!!!!!!!

156. Icy trees

157. Biking at the gym on the cool bikes.

158. A fantastic Friday evening: girlfriends, chicken garlic pizza that was $2 after coupons, and several episodes of 24.

159. A dog that appears to be sleeping but as i walk by her little tail wags.

160. Writing thank you notes as I am reminded of everything we have been given, material items but more importantly the people behind the gifts and our relationships with them.


Enjoying the Scenery said...

Hi Rachel...I don't know if you remember me or not. I'm a friend of Judy's. Congratulations on your wedding! Looks beautiful. I had a winter wedding a year ago. It's a great time to get married because then you have all winter to hole up in your house and ignore all the work you need to do outside come spring!

Life With the Lopez Family said...

It is fun to read your blog! I am glad life is getting back to "normal" for you. Though now "normal" is life as a married woman:):)

Rachel said...

Hi Mimi, yes, I do remember you. Thanks for your comment! We had a beautiful wedding day and I am so happy. I was reading a bit of your blog and said a prayer for you guys.

Ann, Thank you! It is slightly strange being married but really nice. We are getting settled and are having fun. hugs to you and baby J!