Monday, February 22, 2010

after a ski weekend ...

200. "valentine's week" last week. my husband cooked and cleaned. :)
201. and I accepted his help (which is sometimes hard for me to do)
202. my husband's cooking
203. mango lotion
204. changing my name at work
205. the beginning of lent
206. a road trip with friends
207. skiing for the first time this year! yay!!!
208. laughter
209. meeting new friends
210. good conversations
211. ron ray, who planned the weekend
212. fabulous Thai food
213. being greeted by Loki when coming home
214. back rubs
215. inside jokes
216. soup simmering on the stove
217. clementines (on sale). how many is too many to eat in one setting?
218. watching the Olympics
219. mid-week coffee with my friend Jackie
220. putting up pictures on the walls of our house
221. oatmeal. welcome back into my life.
222. being intentional.
223. friends that understand what it means to work night shifts and give me the space for my sleepy state of being that follows
224. God,
225. his sovereignty
226. and his compassion.

again, multitude monday is an idea from here

227. learning how to do that -- using a word to link to a website. (that was one of my goals when i signed up for blogger. yep. seriously.)


Chinwe said...

Yay! for hyperlinks (that's what the word-with-a-line-under-it-which-when-you-click-it-takes-you-to-a-web-page is called)


Rachel said...

ahhh, hyperlinks. Thanks!