Thursday, March 4, 2010

Spring is coming.

228. praying with my husband
229. snow melting
230. Game night with friends, the first "married" thing we have done with another married couple
231. cuddling fresh babies
232. giving things away
233. and selling things too
234. Day shifts!!!
235. Getting up early enough to eat breakfast before said day shifts. (I haven't done that in years ... )
236. Feeling prepared for the week ahead
237. getting rides home from work
238. celebrating birthdays
239. breakfast made by my husband and friends, ready for me when I got up (it was so pretty, I should have taken a picture)
239a. and the kitchen being spotless
240. goals
241. routine
242. my husband making up words just for me
243. a full house with the sights (lots of shoes by the front door), sounds (laughter) and smells (smoked pork) of dinner cooking.
244. good wine
245. a quiet night spent reading
246. water
247. Looking for and finding balance.
248. Learning from patient education pamphlets
249. Reading stories of my husband as a young boy courtesy of his (our) sister overseas
250. Reading through Jesus' life and miracles
251. searching the files in my mind for biology knowledge hidden - or maybe lost (mitosis and meiosis)
252. no alarm clock mornings
253. watching Loki slide on the re-frozen ice on top of the side walks. his booties have no traction and it is soooooo funny
254. walking with co-workers during lunch
255. birds singing
256. evergreens
257. a conversation at work:
my co-worker: "what kind of soup is that?"
me: "my roommate made it -- it's vegetable/bean/potato soup."
my co-worker: " ... you guys have a roommate?"
um ... oh yeah ... newsflash: she is now in Africa and I am married with a husband-roommate
thanks, Linds, the soup was yummy and reminded me of you =)

258. finding peace from our realtor's website ("people should remember that they are selling a home and not the memories")
259. and words spoken to my husband from a place deep with in me: "leaving will be sad because our time here has been so good."
260. lists here and there of things that I am thankful for 'cuz my week has been full of fun, satisfying and rewarding things.


Chinwe said...

I LOVE reading these Rach! :)

Life With the Lopez Family said...

That is funny! Giessi and I make up words must be a married thing:)