Monday, March 22, 2010

God whispering "I love you"

273. smells of bread baking

274. heartfelt conversations

275. A weekend with time spent with both of our parents

276. Being called "sister" at work, here in America, bringing back memories of Africa.

277. the warmth of sunlight

278. Green buds poking up through the earth

279. listening to my husband tell me of the money he saved at the grocery store

280. knowing an exciting secret

281. working together towards making our budget and savings goals

282. popcorn

283. being still

284. my hand in his

285. notes left for me

286. finding strength and peace in His promises

287. being excited about the future

288. and hopefully visiting China this summer!!!!

289. using a purse my aunt made me long ago.

290. a car to drive

291. an abundant amount of food in the fridge and pantry.

292. ridiculously clean floors (in order to be ridiculously clean, it had to have been pretty dirty to begin with ... )

293. our dog keeping my feet warm

294. long, multi-colored e-mails to and from a dear friend

295. A girl at AWANA with lime green sun glasses and an off kilter ponytail

These are from last week and need some pictures =)

So far today:

296. My husband is okay after injuring his fingers while working on our retaining wall

297. A father-in-law willing to help

298. calmness after a busy weekend

299. learning lessons (again): Matt 16:26

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