Thursday, September 9, 2010

simple things

883. the cool air creeping into our apartment ... a reminder that fall is coming
884. monarch butterflies
885. nice, soft (and new) carpet
886. an afternoon alone to read
887. stretching ...
888. ... after working out with Chris ... P90X ... Bring It!
889. meals that don't involve turning on the stove
890. pictures on the walls
891. getting to know new friends
892. a quiet dog
893. finding some proper biking paths
894. fewer mosquitoes
895. wearing my favorite clothes
896. cold water in a sweating glass
897. the abundance of food in our fridge and pantry
898. hearing Chris' wedding ring clink as he washes the dishes
899. a job that I really like (even though it seems like I don't know what I'm doing all the time right now)
900. a fun evening planned - date night and Loki's adventure all rolled up into one ... so I must get going!


Gina Marie said...

So you're doing P90X? What do you think? I did the entire yoga video this morning - usually I skip part of it because it's so long. I really DID feel like a million bucks at the end. That Tony knows what he's talking about!

Life With the Lopez Family said...

Tell me more about #888!!!