Friday, September 17, 2010

wow, it's friday already ...

901. amazing meals made by my husband
902. spending an afternoon with my sister-in-law
903. time to recharge work-flattened batteries at my in-laws house. (Rochester peeps, we were in Roch less than 20 hours, which is why you didn't hear from us)
904. beginning to look ahead (after a few weeks of just going week to week) and seeing the fun things we have in the words
905. working two weeks of day shifts/orientation classes
906. random connections
907. country music on the radio and 80 degree days in September
908. waking up in the morning well rested
909. lots and lots of throw pillows, soft and colorful
910. seeing our house in Rochester, empty and looking good, feeling a little sad and knowing that it is okay
911. my kind co-worker and her husband who took us to the Brewer game - first row seats behind the dugout. I'm afraid it will make all other trips to Miller Park seem boring
912. Realizing that my great idea to avoid the highway (specifically the 894-94 interchange) like the plague may be a little over board and successfully driving to Marquette by myself on those roads
913. menu planning with Chris for two dinner parties coming up: one with people from his school program and the other for Rochester friends when they come to visit (YAAAAAAAAAAAAAYY!!!)
914. my friend's nice, pregnant belly -- SO excited to meet Baby Ely in October!
915. and another friend's news of another Spring baby next year
916. coffee with my cousin for Arizona at my grandma's house
917. plugging in a CD of old favorites on a short road trip
918. trees turning from green to cold
919. the game of Caylus taking over our kitchen table

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