Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dinner @ the Brenna's

Some people have recipes that have been passed down for generations before them written in their grandma's handwriting with directions for "to feed a family" and "to feed an army." Some people use recipes from television shows, where it inevitably takes longer to make it in a normal kitchen where chopped garlic doesn't magically appear in a bowl. Some people use recipes from Good Housekeeping or the Food Network magazine where the recipes have been tested and tried under various conditions, using substitute foods and methods.

I have my own recipe. It reads like this:

1. Fall in love with a man who loves to cook.
2. Marry him.
3. Do your best to pick out the things he needs from the store.
4. Compliment him.
5. Encourage him to try new things and cook for dinner parties.

So, here's what we've been having for dinner:

Speaking of dinner parties, we had a mystery dinner for some Rochester friends awhile ago, the menu had items such as: "plant naked pain", "cruel beer me", and "sporadic poet carpets." We had a great time cooking up some good food: deviled eggs, cold cucumber soup, barbecued ribs and creme brule. And watching them try to figure out what to "order" and putting together their plates was a lot of fun too.



Chris B. said...

I come off sounding like an Iron Chef, which makes me smile!

Chinwe said...

This post makes me happy because it reminds of that wonderful night and how you both blessed us. Food + Friends + Fellowship = Warm heart.