Friday, September 17, 2010

Dear Rochester

Dear Rochester,
It has been a month since I have had a 55906 zip code and a bit longer since I have had a purple acorn tag on my license plate, a sign to the people in the know that I work for Mother Mayo. In many ways it was a hard month as I pinned for the calm, familiar things and streets that run north-south and east-west and kind of make sense and the easily accessible bike paths. I especially longed for the many friends that lived within 10 miles of my home and the dinner, coffee dates, walks and game nights that provided.

As I longed for the things of "home" I realized that I could either long or choose to be thankful, praying that saying good-bye and this transition and the things of my past will help me build a strong and vibrant future. 

There is comfort in knowing that we will be back. We will be back to visit family who are like friends and friends who are like family. We will be back (hopefully soon) to sign our house over to it new owner. We will be back for birthdays and Christmas and vacations -- and, even though it will be different, we will be back for dinner, coffee dates, walks and game nights.  We will be back, indulging in the oasis of my in-laws house and eventually bringing tiny babies back to be loved on. (don't read anything into that sentence, okay?)

The honest to goodness things I am leaving behind -- the electronic signature in patients' medical record, the various flowers planted in one small plot on East River Road, the epithelial cells and sweat on the bear creek trail -- don't compare to what I have taken with me even though they did contribute to my quality of life. (that is SO a nursing phrase)

In a strange and hopeful way, I hope that leave Franklin/the Milwaukee area hurts as much as leaving Rochester did ... because then I will have been involved, I will have connected, I will have lived

and I will have loved.

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Gina Marie said...

I can identify with the desire for the new place to become as loved as the old one. It's hard to invest, knowing how painful it is to leave, but that's where life is. Have you read the book Strong Women, Soft Hearts? It's been an encouraging book to me in times of transition to remind me to engage my heart fully. But it doesn't sound like you really need any help. :)