Monday, June 28, 2010

709. feeling the anxiety being lifted
710. surviving the Stroke Certification Joint Commission interview "show me where to find this and this and this and this in your patient's chart."
711. enjoying my patient last week, a cute (but confused) older man
712. jogging longer than we ever have before (last week) and running faster than every before (today)
713. perfecting my smoothie making techniques
714. more decluttering (and making more money at garage sales)
715. blooms on two plants that I radically pruned last year
716. flowers from our back yard sitting on our kitchen table and computer desk and bathroom counter =)

717. seeing my friends' servant hearts as they plan, serve, cook, clean, lend, build fires and love one another
718. getting to know new friends
719. our tired little dog spread out next to Chris in the morning
720. Ray's perseverance to start our fires and his talent at tending to them
721. pillows delivered to our tent by friends who came late (we forgot ours at home)
722. Psalms read by the fire
723. sitting in a camp chair at 0700, knowing there is nothing that has to be done that day
724. a dry tent despite LOTS of wind and rain
725. watching cool lightening storms
726. camp fire breakfasts!

727. and "Hobos for dinner"
728. Ticket to Ride by lantern light
729. head lamps!
730. sunscreen
731. a day not dictated by the clock
732. a beautiful afternoon on the beach
733. conversations about prayer
734. learning from a good book - Calm My Anxious Heart
735. when my hair still smells like camp fire smoke even after been washed
736. sleeping very well since Chris game me his ear plugs - i woke up and was like "storm? what storm? really? you thought the tent was going to blow away?"

737. coming home and having tons of energy, cleaning our dog and the kitchen
738. smooth, shaven legs
739. and newly painted nails (both due to the tons of energy status post camping)
740. sun kissed cheeks and noses
741. writing in a friend's journal, with his permission, of course, of the days events

ohhh ... and ...

742. camping!

743. puttering in the yard
744. working my tail off on a day shift
745. an hour phone conversation with a friend
746. accepting my sad feelings of leaving
747. and making this list to remind me of the blessings I have, not of my perceived losses

Per usual, inspiration found here


Chinwe said...

I really like that last picture Rach!

The first part of #737 didn't make sense to me, but then I remembered #736.


Rachel said...

Thanks dear!