Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Monday!

(it's my Saturday and I'm going to rock it)

683. Our little dog. It is possible he is my favorite thing. ever.
684. a kinda crazy quick day trip to Milwaukee, making it seem more accessible
685. the Schumann family gathering to celebrate my grandma's 85 years.
686. my grandma's lady friends with clip-on earrings
687. the youngest cousin, growing like "corn in June" (must be a WI saying)

688. watermelon
689. the smell of watermelon
690. the color of watermelon
691. the taste of watermelon
692. little drops of watermelon juice
(yes, I just did that, and it was fun)

693. eating on the picnic table my grandpa made
694. safety in a storm.
695. an easy fix to a random power outage (oddly enough, the night before the big storm)
696. encouragement during good, long runs
697. new work shoes = not-so-aching feet
698. thinking about Baby Ely. have I mentioned that one of my besties is pregnant? and it makes me happy
699. looking for cool gifts =)
700. my dad
701. and my father-in-law
702. two days off!

703. my husband, aka the perfect smoothie maker
704. "24" date nights with a friend (sad that they will end soon. considering using skype ... not seriously, though ... but maybe)
705. a good talk about parenting with Chris, for when the time comes
706. counting down the days til China and family that i want to know better ... 22 days and a wake-up
707 & 708. learning and trusting

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