Sunday, June 20, 2010

a nursing post ... 'cuz that's what I'm doing tonight

671. Realizing that I was done with every 30 minutes vitals/neuro assessments ohh ... about a couple of hours ago
672. doctors that know my name
673. patients that know my name
674. when a co-worker who makes good coffee tells me that she just made a pot
675. remembering to do things before getting a call or a love note from the charge nurse
676. knowing where supplies are
677. understanding that the "i made a difference today" moment does not happen every shift; sometimes it is "just a job" and that's okay.
678. quiet nights
679. and nights when i tally how many times i tell my patient "no, you can't smoke. in fact, you need oxygen and you could blow up if you smoke."
680. the sun rising
681. being able to park in the ramp at the hospital
682. Interesting conversations.

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