Thursday, June 10, 2010

"I'll take silly and random things for 200 please, Alex"

618. Perfectly matching up socks out of the dryer.
619. Taking a handful of mixed M&M's and realized they are ALL peanut butter ones, my fav.
620. Getting a call while waiting for the bus from my parents, offering to pick me up.
621. Ice that blends perfectly into smoothies, leaving no big chunks
622. Waking up my patient out of sedation to find him pleasantly confused (not un-pleasantly, like I had anticipated)
623. paying with exact change
624. Driving early on weekend mornings when the roads are empty.
625. green lights all the way
626. walking into the breakroom and seeing the note saying that the coffee is fresh
627. The disk with an old college project on it.
628. Wearing flip flops when it is slightly too cold
629. waking up in the middle of the night to realize you have hours left to sleep.
630. not being the last person on the bus
631. cookie dough
632. saying a line in a tv show right before the character does altough it may the predictable "you know what happened before in the hallway ... " or "what have you done?" (for any 24 fans), it's still fun.
633. Making patterns in the fabric on the couch
634. Sunglasses created tan lines
635. beginning to think about going on my lunch break and remembering it is really yummy left overs my husband made last night

... partly inspired by 1000 Awesome Things

Happy weekend!