Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Family Weekend

636. Wisconsin. The sky is bluer, the air is crisper, the grass is greener and flowers are prettier. Okay ... it is basically like Minnesota, but with the Packers.
637. Realizing that the drive has gone by quickly because we were talking the whole way
638. The setting sun reflecting on the eastern sky
639. Finding an apartment (most likely ... have to be approved and all the jazz yet)
640. Avoiding construction
641. My cousin's groom as he watched her walk down the isle towards him
642. My cousins' little baby boy in a bow tie
643. My other cousins' (there are lots of cousins) toddler as she sighs and snuggles her head in the curve of my neck and fights sleep
644. Feeling perfectly content (and not at all envious) to give said children back to their parents. No, I did not utter the "I'll just take her home with me" line because, in all honesty, right now, I place a high price on my sleep. (babies are hopefully coming though but don't hold your breath)
645. Listening - and really hearing - to what is on my husband's heart

646. Eating peanut butter and honey sandwiches in the car, and making the drive without stopping.
647. Coming home
648. Tears of repentance ...
649. and forgiveness offered
650. my nice white sweater for cooler nights in a cute dress
651. our dog excited to see us
652. in-laws who take good care of our dog when we are away
653. air after the rain
654. birthday cards with pop-up hearts from my nephew and niece in China. (seriously, kids who make cards with pop-up hearts are cools)
655. a rather simple solution to what I considered to be a complex problem

656. Using the book jacket for a bookmark; it is impossible to lose it
657. A good friend's giddy excitement over her sister's generous gift
658. a whole day with a quiet dog ... don't know what happened, maybe something in him switched on
659. a whole afternoon spent with my husband  =)  8-)  :D
660. and cutting his hair for the first time with fairly good results. Tomorrow, we tackle Loki
661. puddles after rain
662. contacts and glasses that correct my vision
663. playing games on my mother-in-law's phone. Since we don't have those kind of aps on our phones, it is a golden moment when they offer us their phones to play with.
664. aching legs after a work-out
665. Chris' encouragement during long(er) runs

666. Chris' toiletries on the bathroom counter. who would have thought that I love seeing his things about the house that used to be just mine? his clothes on the floor actually make me smile and his books make me happy.
667. mint choc chip cookies - 'cuz everything is better in mint
668. seeing Christ in my husband's eyes
669. talks about entitlement vs. thankfulness
670. prayer and psalms before coming into work.

it's rainy. it's dreary. and it's going to be a beautiful week.



Life With the Lopez Family said...

Good luck trying to cut the dog's hair. Let me know how that turns out. We did not have good results so maybe you could teach us!

Rachel said...

well, we cut/clipped about 60% so far before all of us needed a break. he looks really funny right now but we will fix it soon. So, I'll let you know when it's all over if it was worth it - time and energy vs. the money. =)