Sunday, July 4, 2010


It is now July. We have talked about this time for months. Our plans have fallen into place. Now, it is time to DO them.

I have 3 shifts left at Mayo; I'm done after Monday night.  (wow!)
Then we are going to Crooked Lake for 4 days with my family (July 8 - 12)
And then to China for 14 days with Chris' family (July 14 - 28)

And then we'll be back in Rochester for about a week - we are planning to pack, hang out with friends and catch up with Ben, who is coming home from a stint with Mercy Ships in Togo at the very end of July.

Then I am going to the Boundary Waters with a group of girls for an extended weekend (Aug 4 - 8th). Chris prefers a bed and running water and a reliable food source and the general response from other guys was similar to our friend Ray's "I will be a pack mule that on that trip!" So, it will be a girls trip, which may be interesting an adventure since only one of us have been camping up there ... I think. But it's Jill, so it's all good, as if there is only one person who knows what's going on, Jill is a good person to have.

So, basically, I have a super fun vacation before we move. =)

We are then going to pack up a Uhaul and move on Aug 11th. Our friends have asked if it would be too much if they lines the street waving goodbye as we left - I said "yes!" (They are allowed, however, to help us pack and have pizza with us the night before we go ... and venture to Milwaukee with us to help on the other end)

so those are our plans if you are wondering. =) Pictures and stories and fun things will follow!

(there are entirely too many parenthesis in this post!)

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