Friday, July 30, 2010

a post not really about jet lag

I should be sleeping - after all, I do have jet lag, you know - and my husband is sleeping and occasionally talking in the next room. Or maybe, if sleep doesn't cut it, I should be packing or finishing up the laundry, the third (and only unfinished) item on my to-do list today. But I am not all that sleepy even though I'm convinced that I should be and not all the motivated, which is fine because, after all, I do have jet lag, you know. I am happy, which does fall under different categories then sleepy and motivated but it will do better than either of those. 

799. coming home
800. our neighbor boy who saw us as we turned the corner onto our street and booked his way to our house on his bike
801. our dog when he sighs on his bed in the corner of our room
802. finding out that I do indeed have enough old scrubs for my new job, because, of course, we can't wear solid navy blue.
803. having a not-so-secret chocolate stash
804. neighbors who keep and eye on our house and water my tomato plant and the new grass and put out our trash and recycling  when we were gone
805. my friend who adeptly coordinates things for our all-girls trip to the Boundary Waters. lover her
806. expected items in the mail ... things to check off the list that needed to be attended to before we move
807. friends who call and then stop by
808. the incredible feeling of peace I have when thinking about the next few weeks.

That's it as I am both happy and sleepy. Hoping the motivation will come tomorrow ...

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