Wednesday, August 18, 2010

about life

Transition: movement, passage or change from one position, state, stage to another.

As I sit here starring at the blank box in front of me that is waiting to be filled with many fun updates the only words I really want to write is "I want to go home" or perhaps "I want this place to feel like home" and so perhaps it is better to say it and not ignore the elephant in my office. Have I mentioned that I don't really take to change well? And in the past week I have moved and started a new job? Oh, and my husband starts school in two weeks? I didn't fully grasp how much I would miss our friends and family - not to mention Rochester in general and that little house I love (and still own). And so I have struggled ... to be thankful for the relationships and memories and to remember that we are supposed to be here. And so now that I have said it, I can ask you to pray and move on.

(By the way, I think they should call PhD school something other than "school" because it doesn't really fall under my definition of "school". Maybe I'll come up with some other options ... )

So ... um, do you want to see some pictures of the greatness of the last month?

FYI: if you ever have the conversation with your spouse (or yourself) if it would be better to take some time off of work and travel with family and friends or move right away and start making money, always choose the first option. you wont regret it.

In and around Beijing with the Brenna/Butz family:

We ate amazing food and hiked up some really old steps
We sweated and found and bartered for treasures
We played Mario Cart and Pandemic
We relaxed and celebrated
We laughed and loved

BWCA (Boundary Waters Canoe Area) trip with 5 amazing ladies

a portage trail
Lake One to Hudson Lake, about 21.5 miles paddled and 1.6 miles portaged

We packed smart and portaged once
We problem solved, navigated and improvised
We slept on an island and had our own private lake
We threw our food up in trees at night and napped in the afternoon
We basked in the wonder of fog rising off, crystal clear water and fantastic stars above us

Murder Mystery Party, last days in Rochester

LOVE all their faces!
Thanks guys for an amazing time!

First days in Franklin
(I hesitated to call these "Loki's Adventures" because that seemed too crazy, over the top - dog owner-ish)
his place to hide

looking for a park that overlooks the lake

hot and happy

I have much to be thankful for.
Now I am going to read my Bible with my dog in my lap before going to sleep next to my husband.
And that is a darn good definition of "home"


Nonna said...

I am going through some withdrawal symptoms as I adjust to you & Christopher not being minutes away. I am however very thankful for the 4 1/2 hour drive which can be done in a day if necessary. You are in my prayers as Franklin becomes your home and you make new friends. Missing you, especially since Dad is gone the whole week. I am keeping busy with
daily breakfast/lunch out with friends:)

Anne said...

Hey Rachel,

Ill be out near where you and Chris are in September. I will be staying with Grandma. Just wanted to give you a heads up!!


Eva Joy said...

Love this, Rach! We miss you, too, but are also glad to see Chris get to pursue his dreams with you faithfully supporting him! Can't wait to come visit!!

Liz Boldon said...

Great pics Rachel, hang in there, it'll get better :)

Gina Marie said...

I was just having my own reflections on transition this morning in our new place. The thing that struck me is, "I don't know how to do life here." I like routine, and I have none, nor am I sure how to get it. I know the next few weeks I'll be a lot like a toddler, stumbling around trying to find my footing. Yet I know in the midst of the stumbling there will be unexpected fun and things that will make me think, "how did I ever live without this before?" We're hoping and praying that you navigate these first few weeks with a lot of a grace and joy. Did you get the letter I sent to mom and dad's?

Life With the Lopez Family said...

I have been thinking a lot about you and your adjustment to your new home. I think it is good you can be honest about how you feel and that it can be hard. Love you lots!