Monday, August 23, 2010

Weekend adventures

Our friend Ian came to visit this weekend and the timing was great. He came on Friday night; we had dinner and played Red November which consisted of sentences such as
"Loki is getting drunk ... we don't want him to drink the grog again"
"roll a five for the flooding, there is a fire in that room so it will put that out ... right?"
Ian: "I'm want to block all the exit ports so Chris doesn't use his aqua-lung to escape when the rest of us die"

Are you curious about the game? We are gnomes and the goal is to survive on our submarine during fire, floods, missile strikes, engine malfunction, attacks from the Kraken, locked ports, radioactive material and general drunken-ness until we are rescued. Yeah, that about sums it up. =)

Over our pancake breakfast on Saturday morning, we played Carcassone. My goal, which was achieved, for the weekend was to play a board game each day. Thank goodness for my husband who humored me on Sunday evening.
We had a late lunch at an Indian restaurant, our first "find," then went home to get Loki and drove up to the port of Milwaukee. The weekend before we went looking for a park on the lake and we settled on one, knowing that there was something better out there and determined to find it. Well, we found it.
Thanks Ian for the pictures. I forgot our camera and I'm pretty certain the camera on my phone has something less than a megapixel as the quality is really no good.

We walked along the shore quite a ways and then drove further up. Oh. my. goodness. The houses were beautiful. Huge. On the lake. We are so going back. With a camera ... and maybe some of you. =) It was lovely.

Small tangent: one item on my bucket list is to live in a building/house with ivy. And I'm going to name it something cool. There was lots of ivy there.
Another tangent: another hospital I interviewed at was in that neighborhood. Expensive, $$$$. I interviewed over the phone and didn't go to visit. Would have probably been pretty difficult to find a place that we could afford anywhere around there -- just north of downtown Milwaukee.

Then we went to Marquette. I had only driven by before and it was neat to walk around. We saw the academic buildings, the library, and the chapel. The chapel was built in the fifteenth century, restored in the 1920's by some famous French architect and moved brick by brick to New York. Then, in the 1960's, it was given and moved to Marquette. If you are interested, the real history (and not my version of it) is here. We didn't go in, as it was closed. But I intend to, with a camera ... any maybe you. =) Get the picture ... ? =)

In front of the chapel
We had brats for dinner, cooked on the grill that was a gift from my grandma, with the help of a neighbor. Then the guys rigged Ian's laptop to our TV and we watched a movie from netflix. They said the "rigging" was pretty simple but to me, it was impressive.

Thanks for coming Ian! We had a great time!

Chris officially starts school next Monday but this week he is going to school to practice taking the bus and to study. So, this morning, I dropped him off at the bus stop and took Loki for a long long walk through the beautiful, huge park near our apartment where we saw several very tame deer. Then I tackled our laundry and cleaned the apartment.

Is that too 1950's house-wife-ish?

I could probably comment on that more but it's time for me to finish the laundry and straighten my hair and make dinner before picking up my husband.

.... okay .... just kidding ....

.... but only about the dinner part

(gratitude list numbers 829 - 848 are in there somewhere)


Chinwe said...

Can I be one of those chosen to visit those places with you?? Pick me! :)

Rachel said...

You are totally picked! When you guys come to visit we will probably have too many things on the list than time ... oh, the problems of life. =)

lindsay said...

this whole thing made me laugh Rachel! I love seeing how you and Chris are exploring your new city and making it your own. Can't wait to come see you!