Monday, July 26, 2010

Being thankful in Beijing ...

I have not forgotten to be thankful but instead, in fact, have been far too busy having fun to write my blessings down here for the whole world (a bit dramatic perhaps?) to see.

773. Before we left for China we spent a long weekend up at Crooked Lake with my family
774. an eagle perched on the tall tree next to our dock
775. we ate hotdogs and s'mores cooked in the fire pit near the shore
776. i had some good talks with my brother
777. and enjoyed listening to his songs
778. we played Indian, my favorite family game, which I'm sure has a more culturally appropriate name
779. and i got two long car rides and good conversations with my love.

780. Our flights here were uneventful
781. Friends of Gina and Erik whose apartment we are staying in and whose car we are using while they are in the states
782 & 783. Gina and Erik, our chauffeurs, travel guides, problem solvers, restaurant order-ers and interpreters
784 & 785. Ethan and Megan, our entertainers and snugglers, depending on how they are feeling
786. time to be bonafide tourists
787. time to read books, take naps and watch movies ... oh and play mario cart
788. children giggles
789. adult laughter

790. playing pandemic with Christopher over and over and over again til we finally won - twice
791. picking up gifts that our friends and family will hopefully like
792. remembering what it is like to barter
793. sanitizing hand gel
794. seeing where the Butz family live (and where they are going to live), play and work.
795. going to sleep and waking up with my husband - at the same time - every day - for the last few weeks
796. air conditioning. i am thankful for that back home too but the heat here takes it to a whole new level
797. celebrating birthday's with people who weren't family last year
798. my in-law's generosity that allowed me to go on this trip in the first place

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Life With the Lopez Family said...

I am so glad you guys are having fun. I am sure it means a lot to them to have their whole family there!! I can't wait to see pictures! #778 made me laugh out loud...I love your sense of humor:)