Monday, July 5, 2010

Here's to ...

748. A fantastic date night last week ... even though things didn't go exactly as planned ... now we get to have another date (go downtown, get a new game @ Games by James and a visit to the library)
749. an afternoon spent in the yard, pulling weeds and watering sweltering plants.
750. my patient cupping my face with his hand and mouthing (since he couldn't speak) that I should stop by and visit him on rehab in a few days when I was finished transferring him down there.
751. the small stack of books that I intend to take to China ... IN 10 DAYS
752. getting rides to and from work from Chris and Loki =)
753. a random road trip south with my in-laws ... even though things didn't go exactly as planned
754. a productive day off
755. finding cool gifts
756. cool summer evenings when air conditioning is not required
757. getting lost in a good story

758. finding comfort in the Psalms
759. watching 24 (guns, explosions, etc) while Chris was baking an AMAZING cake  ... take that traditional gender roles!
760. A traditional cook out with friends for the 4th of July
761. Sleepy, rainy afternoons (status post night shifts sleep) spent on the couch with Loki
762. eating dinner in our gazebo
763. learning more about trust
764. going to a movie on Friday night ... using a gift card
765. buying makeup that blends in well (for girls, this is a big deal)
766. really enjoying the things I wanted to do here before we leave
767. seeing a certain friend several days in a row

768. watching Chris get all excited about cooking
769. magnificent sun sets
770. running water
771. pancakes for breakfast ... and then lunch ... basically whenever i can get my hands on them.

772. New thoughts about moving:
- Does the "security" I have here cause me to be less dependent on God ... on the security he offers? If so, moving probably isn't the answer, more like an object lesson.
- Acknowledging that I am sad about leaving my friends (and my job, but that is lesser) here and trying to prepare myself for that change coming up and then stopping since worrying about sadness about the change that hasn't happened yet is well ... just worrying.
- Thinking about what my role will look like with Chris in school
- Realizing that we will make any place we live our home; leaving the house that I love is not synonymous with leaving our home.
- Thinking though my expectations ... about a new city (I enjoy getting lost and finding my way around), forming new relationships (I know there will be a time when i realize that I have some acquaintances but no phone numbers and I just want to pack up and head to Rochester where i am known), a new job (I know it takes me a year to be mostly comfortable at a new job), going to student functions with Chris (where they may as well be speaking a different language) and living in an apartment once again (I am excited to "set up house" ... possibly still newlywedded bliss ... and they allow their residents to garden in the area around their patio, which makes me SO happy!)

Kind of a long tangent.  =)
I'm done now, Happy Monday!

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