Tuesday, April 27, 2010

At the end of our fabulous weekend, I took a few moments to reflect. Knowing that I was working all five nights this week, I expected to be 1) sad that the weekend was over and 2) already tired/mad that I was working nights allllllllll week.

But I was neither.

The weekend was fabulous and, in my head, I had a list of all the wonders and blessings that came with it. And I knew that even though I would work throughout the night and sleep more than normal and maybe be somewhat of a hermit, blessings will abound this week.

And I am going to find them (and tell you about them).

This is why I will continue to make my list, hoping to make thankfulness and gratitude part of my routine and heart.

422. Working together to clean the house
423. Going to a composting demonstration and finding information on rain barrels, two things my husband has been talking about for awhile.
424. Playing Pandemic and winning in the last hand.
425. White and yellow tulips sitting on our kitchen table
426. Bracelets
427. and cool earrings, the dangly kind.
428. Playing a new game on the floor in front of the fire with Chris and Loki (it was a three person game)
429. My sister-in-law being excited about our double date
430. The first buds of my nasturtiums coming up. This made me seriously happy -- all three buds
431. A rainy afternoon, reading.
432. Making soup on that rainy day with ingredients that we had in our kitchen (asparagus and potato soup anyone?)
433. Entire meals cooked on the grill. Two days in a row.
434. Having a Sunday evening movie double header. (aka preparing for night shifts)
435. Warm apple cider on a cool morning.
436. Leisurely breakfasts with my love.
437. And the luxury of having those breakfasts frequently
438. Learning a new way to do multiplication and practicing it at work.
439. Putting leaves in the table and filling it with friends
440. Feeling good (and tired) after working out
441. Stretching
442. A Sunday evening to relax and regroup, read my Bible and be encouraged.
443. Amazing grace
444. Accapella hymns
445. Living with less stuff
446. Saying no
447. Trusting in His provision


Chinwe said...'ll have to tell me more about #438. I'm very curious.

Rachel said...

yeah, on monday Jill was showing us this, I have not heard of it before. Lattice multiplication:

Chinwe said...

Oh yeah! I've seen the FP kids do it and I'm usually like, "What the?!?!?" :) It's kind of cool to see all the new ways they've come up with for doing the same thing.