Monday, April 5, 2010

335. Christos Anesti! Alithos Anesti! Christ is Risen! Truly, He is Risen!
336. Hiking with a friend and our dog on a beautiful (and unseasonably warm) afternoon
337. painting with friends while listening to Michael Buble, Cademon's Call and Jen Bluhm (check her out, me likey)
338. the new paint in the living room
339. a doggy laying in the sunshine
340. enjoying the beauty of the Mississippi with my parents and husband
341. talking with my brother about what is going on with his life
342. the birds singing outside
343. chocolate =)
344. conversations while driving, holding my husbands hand and sharing my heart
345. making systems for things in our life
346. getting out my old shoes to play/work in the yard
347. coming in from working in the yard to a meal waiting for me (have I told you? My husband is a good cook)
348. finding railroad ties behind our shed to hopefully replace the broken ones in our front yard
349. finishing projects and checking things off our master to-do list
350. talking with both my grandmas on the same day
351. the beginning of the month = the beginning of our montly budget
352. listening to my husband talk about what is on his mind and heart
353. a fun journal to write in
354. rejoicing with friends over good news and events in their lives
355. a wonderful weekend celebrating Easter with family and friends
356. my handsome husband in a suit =)
357. being okay with a messy house
358. clean, fresh towels
359. toast with peanut butter
360. spending time on a cool morning on the couch with a blanket, apple cider, our dog and my Bible.
361. giving away a few hours at work, making the week seem less busy
362. turning off the heat
363. green grass
364. Looking forward to Monday because I have a great list of things I am thankful for
365. answers to prayer
366. transparency

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